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Two members of the department, Gus Hosein and Simon Davies have been named by in their list of the 50 most influential technology agenda setters. They received this recognition for their work on the UK ID cards proposal

 Department of Information Systems
 London School of Economics
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  1. The Identity Project: An Assessment of the UK Identity Cards Bill and its Implications - report on research status
  2. The Interplay of Institutional Forces behind Higher ICT Education in India by Jonathan Ezer (PhD thesis)
  3. Leo II and the Model T Ford by Frank Land
  4. The Role of ICT in Building Trust in Governance: Toward Effectiveness and Results by Chrisanthi Avgerou et al.
  5. Knowledge Management: The Darker Side of KM by Frank Land, Sevasti-Melissa Nolas and Urooj Amjad
  6. How (Can) Non-users Perceive Usefulness: Bringing in the Digitally Excluded by Mike Cushman and Ela Klecun
  7. The Social Epistemology of Open Source Software Development: The Linux Case Study by Frederico Iannacci (PhD thesis)
  8. Researching the Ethics of Knowledge Management: The case of data-mining by Ian Hosein
  9. Knowledge, Development and Technology: Internet Use among Voluntary-sector AIDS Organisations in KwaZulu-Natal by Justine Johnstone (PhD thesis)
  10. Non-users of computers in south London: their experiences and aspirations for use by Mike Cushman and Ela Klecun
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