Lula says that ceiling could make SUS unfeasible and promises more money

Lula says that ceiling could make SUS unfeasible and promises more money

“It is necessary to increase investment in public health, and this is a commitment”, declares pre-candidate for Planalto

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said this Friday (5.Aug.2022) that the spending cap could make the SUS unfeasible and that, if elected, he would put more money into public health. The PT said again that the ceiling will not be maintained in any new government.

“Between 2018 and 2022 the spending ceiling, which takes from the poor to give to the rich, has already subtracted R$ 36.9 billion from the health budget”declared the PT.

“If nothing is done, the maintenance of this continued crime will end up making the SUS completely unfeasible, opening the door to the total privatization of health in this country”he said.

As the writer of the Power 360 Thomas Traumann, the PT should ask for a license to increase spending and put more money in health and education, among other expenses, if elected.

“It is necessary to increase investment in public health. And this is a commitment that I am making with Brazil, with the Brazilian people and with you”said Lula on this 6th.

“We cannot continue to use the word spent when it comes to taking care of the health of the Brazilian people”he said, which calls expenses in the area of ​​investment.

The statements of the former president were in an act in defense of the SUS, in São Paulo. At the same event, he criticized regulatory agencies and said that the government has to decide on public policies.

Watch the entire broadcast of the event (57min05):

SUS & pandemic

Lula said that the coronavirus was a watershed for the SUS. “Public health can now be divided into 2 historic moments. A moment before the pandemic and another moment after the pandemic”according to him.

According to the former president, “the pandemic allowed many people who did not recognize the SUS service in this country to come to value it”.

The PT quoted the deputy on his ticket, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), who was rapporteur for the project that regulated the functioning of the SUS.

Lula also made several counterpoints to Jair Bolsonaro (PL), current president and his main opponent in this year’s elections.

“Many [trabalhadores do SUS] got sick and many others lost their lives in this fight, in the face of the denial of science and the criminal omission of this mismanagement”declared the former president.

Lula said that “the current president” (i.e. Bolsonaro) “handled the pandemic in a criminal way” and “is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of the more than 678,000 deaths from covid”,

“A part of these dead is on the president’s back because of his denialist behavior”declared the PT.

“Writing in the Constitution that health is a right for all was an extraordinary achievement, but the election of governments truly committed to the quality of life of the population makes the difference in what the SUS will be”said the PT.

Read more about Lula’s plans for an eventual new government:

Plans for possible government

Lula also spoke about possible actions of a possible 3rd term of his in the Planalto Palace:

  • Prevention“We also need to reinvest in prevention and basic health care, with priority given to the family health strategy”;
  • interiorization “We need to place our team of doctors, nurses, dentists and community health workers in each territory of this country, to prevent diseases, expand the coverage of all vaccines and guarantee basic treatment of most of the diseases of our population. We will recover and expand Mais Médicos, to ensure that all Brazilians have access to a complete family health team in any corner of this country, however remote it may be”;
  • access to medicines“Let’s reconstitute the popular pharmacy”;
  • Service network“We are going to strengthen Samu and the UPAs”;
  • Mental health“We will return to caring for people with mental disorders, in freedom and with dignity, according to the principles of psychiatric reform”;
  • Employees “We are going to value health workers so that they have access to dignified, healthy and safe wages, hours and work environments, with guaranteed trade union rights, following the example of collective bargaining”;
  • Professional qualification“We are going to strengthen health education, training future professionals according to the health needs of the population and ensuring permanent qualification for those who already work in the service”;
  • Society participation“Social participation is not just a hallmark of our government. It is the possibility of democratizing the conduct of public policies and giving them more transparency and greater chance of success. That is why it is so important to value health councils and the role of councilors in democratic and participatory health management”.

PT is favorite

Search PowerDate released on Thursday (4.Aug.2022) shows Lula with 43% of voting intentions for the 1st round. President Jair Bolsonaro, PT’s main opponent, has 35%.

The election is on October 2. If none of the candidates gets more than 50% of the valid votes, the 2nd round will be on October 30th.

The survey shows that Lula’s voting intention for an eventual 2nd round is 50%. Bolsonaro has 40%.

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