Is the best game library on PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass?  Kotaku gives controversial response - Windows Club

Is the best game library on PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass? Kotaku gives controversial response – Windows Club

Last June, we also witnessed the launch of the renewed PlayStation Plus in Brazil, which, as we explained to you, is now divided into three tiers: the first, Essential, is the old subscription. The second, Extra, includes a library of games for PS5 and PS4. The third, Premium, adds to all this the possibility of playing streaming games and a library for retrogaming.

However, as we’ve told you, Premium is currently the tier that raises the most questions, because it’s never clear what can be streamed and what can’t, while the classics library certainly needs to be fleshed out to be palatable.

However, a controversial analysis by the specialist website Kotaku came to the conclusion that PlayStation Plus library has more to offer than Xbox Game Passthe leading subscription to on-demand games and one of the most successful among those who proposed this approach.

In the paragraph, the site noted that Xbox includes its day one games in Game Pass and lots of little hidden gems — think Tunic, recently. However, he also highlighted that PlayStation games still arrive, although about eighteen months after releasein the signature.

“When I dived into this exercise,” writes article author Ari Notis, “I had imagined that I would have painted a picture of Game Pass superiority, but these two services look pretty much the same to me, with the new version of the game. PS Plus, which is slightly higher in those few aspects that matter”.

According to the author, in fact, the big attraction of Xbox Game Pass is the games of the first day, but Microsoft postponed Redfall and Starfield, both slipped to early 2023. For this reason, the editor explains that “Microsoft barely had first-party games this year. At this point, the fact that he introduced them from day one in the subscription seems little more than a marketing slogan “.

Even co-author of the article, Ethan Gach, believes that the Plus library has more to offer – a view that leaves us quite conflicted, unless you’re talking about mere AAA, because there are also a lot of non-first-party gems that come a lot in soon on Xbox Game Pass and that deserve attention, even if at first glance they don’t seem like popular names (think Lake, Nobody Saves the World, The Forgotten City, Unpacking).

Want instant access to a fat retro catalog of some of the biggest and best games of the last generation? Win PlayStation Plus. Want to keep up to date with some of the best games released every month and play them? So absolutely Game Pass. concludes the editor.

Recently, Kotaku said they canceled their Xbox Game Pass subscription, saying they decided to cancel their subscription for lack of games. This, as you may remember, generated a response even from Xbox itself about the lack of consideration for indie games.


The speech he makes can be valid for those who haven’t played on Sony consoles in the last 6 or 7 years. But let’s face it, which Sony user hasn’t played, repeated and exaggerated a large part of the titles offered by the PS subscription?

Xbox Game Pass, meanwhile, offers in my opinion a much fresher and more varied selection, with frequent replacement and addition of titles that make the subscription much juicier (it doesn’t matter that Stardield has been delayed, as they will arrive anyway to d1).

Sony itself recently stated that it will take years to create an Xbox Game Pass-level rival, and its bottom line with PS Plus subscriber numbers has sent stocks plummeting.

At the end of the day, this means that many users who really play new things on the PS5 stay with their consoles off for 18 months waiting for God of War Ragnarok on Plus (when the price of games is much more affordable and maybe it’s not even worth subscribing), while That’s what folks play every week with Xbox Game Pass, which routinely gets new third-party games on launch day.

What do you think?

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