Bankers claim readjustment in PLR, but bankers have no answer

Bankers claim readjustment in PLR, but bankers have no answer

The eighth round of negotiations with Fenaban, of the National Banking Campaign, addressed PLR. The National Banking Command presented, at the table of this Monday 8, the claim of the category for readjustment in the Participation in Profits and Results, but the bankers frustrated the workers by not presenting a response.

In the national consultation carried out among bank employees, the PLR ​​readjustment was considered a priority for 58% of the more than 35 thousand bank employees who participated, behind only the claims for a real increase (92%) and a greater increase for VA and VR (62% ). Bank employees claim PLR with a real increase in the additional installment.

“Banks’ profits grew above bank employees’ remuneration. Since 1997, the union movement has achieved a real increase of 126% for the PLR ​​of the cashier position, but in the same period, the real growth of the banks’ profit was 359%. That is, 2.85 times more than the PLR ​​value. In addition, the percentage of profit distribution of banks among workers has been falling over the years. They distributed 14% in 1995, but in 2021, the three largest private banks (Bradesco, Santander and Itaú) distributed only 6.6% on average. For this reason, the category demands an increase in profit sharing”, highlights Ivone Silva, president of the Bank Employees Union of São Paulo, Osasco and Region and one of the coordinators of the National Bank Employees Command.

“We want agility in the responses of bankers. The next trade takes place on the 11th, we have no more time to waste, as our base date is September 1st. The category is mobilized and we will not accept setbacks”, completes Ivone.

Despite readjustments in values, changes in parameters, introduction of the additional installment, etc., the distribution percentages have fallen over the years. This was due to the exponential growth of bank profits. In 2021, for example, the three largest private banks distributed an average of 6.6% of their profits, with the distribution of the basic rule being close to 5% and the additional share close to 1.6%, well below the 2, 2% provided for in the CCT (Collective Bargaining Agreement).

Tweet on Wednesday 10 for decent proposal from banks

Bank employees will mobilize on social networks for a decent proposal from Fenaban: on Wednesday 10th, there will be a tweet.

“We will demand that the banks present a proposal that values ​​the category, with a real increase, greater readjustment in the vouchers and in the PLR. The tweet starts at 10 am. Our claims list was delivered to the banks on June 15th, so there was enough time to evaluate our claims and submit a proposal. And we are already in the last planned rounds of negotiations. That’s why we call on bank employees to be attentive and join our mobilization in the networks”, invites the secretary general of the Union, Neiva Ribeiro, who also participates in the negotiation table with Fenaban.

The next negotiating table will be on Thursday the 11th, and the debates on economic clauses will continue.

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