You must try these 5 features on Windows 11;  your experience will be transformed

You must try these 5 features on Windows 11; your experience will be transformed

If you are a user of operational systems (OS) of Microsoft for computers, you may already be using its latest version, but are you making the most of all it has to offer? Check out some of the best features of Windows 11.

New features in Windows 11 (Image: Handout | Microsoft)

Windows 11 came with a proposal to give consistency to the interactions that users of the Windows 10 they had with the system. That’s why his focus was on a drastic change in the graphical interface and user experience (UI/UX).

As part of this restructuring, the Microsoft included several features that make Windows 11 a unique system, completely different from its predecessor, even if in terms of performance there are no major changes.

Below you will check out some of these features!


1. Quick settings menu

Windows 10 has always had a taskbar that left something to be desired, but the icon area has always been one of the biggest examples of that.

In Windows 11, this part of the panel has been redone and in place of the Action Center users have now gained access to the Quick Settings Menu.

It allows you to make changes to various basic settings of the computer, including energy and luminosity.

In addition to clicking on the icons, you can access this menu by pressing “Ctrl”+”A”but this shortcut is commonly used by computer applications and may not work on certain occasions.

2. Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and calling

Windows 11 also decided to make life easier for people who need to communicate. THE Microsoft started to bring the Microsoft Teams directly integrated with the operating system, easily accessible from the taskbar.

Now, making your work calls or sending that personal message can be done with just a few clicks.

Starting with the icon on the bottom bar of the screen, giving access to features such as group chat, instant messaging and collaborative tools.

3. Running Android apps is one of the best features of Windows 11

Although there is still a lot to improve, the Microsoft is investing heavily to bring Windows 11 users the ability to run their apps and favorite games android straight from your PRAÇA.

The feature still has several compatibility issues and uses the Amazon Appstore as a means of obtaining the applications. In short, the offer of applications is still reduced compared to everything available on the official Android store, Google Play Store.

Enabling it on your system takes a little more work and you have to activate the Windows Subsystem for Android, the compatibility layer that makes everything possible. Once ready, you just have to install the applications normally through the amazon.

4. The Updated File Explorer

Windows 10 has always been a target of criticism due to its file explorer, which in addition to looking outdated, lacked several useful options found in other operating systems.

The new version of Windows 11 explorer comes with a more modern interface and even simplifies the menus. Recently, the Microsoft even started testing another tabbed option, new to the company’s operating system ecosystem.

5. Themes

Do you like to customize your operating system until it suits you? Then you must be starving on Windows 10.

Boring themes, without life or identity of their own. Unless you turned to third-party programs, that was your life.

While Windows 11 isn’t a haven when it comes to themes, you’re sure to find much better options than its predecessor.

Mainly this somewhat transparent theme, in its versions light and dark that give Windows a macOS-like look.

What did you think of my list of the best Windows 11 features? Leave a comment saying what’s new in the new operational system gives Microsoft is your favorite!

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