Unimed Natal afirma que vai manter negociação com anestesistas

Justice determines that anesthesiologists maintain services for Unimed Natal – 08/08/2022 – News – Tribuna do Norte

The impasse between the Anesthesiologists Cooperative of Rio Grande do Norte (Coopanest) and Unimed Natal gained another chapter. After the announcement about the end of the contract, which would cease to be in force as of Tuesday (9), Unimed Natal reported that the Court granted an injunction determining that the services be maintained. Coopanest informed that it will comply.


Unimed Natal says it will maintain negotiations with anesthesiologists

Last week, Coopanest-RN announced that it would break the contract it had with the operator since 1994. The reason is the impasse over the application of the readjustment of the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) which, according to the Cooperative, was not accepted by Unimed, after several rounds of negotiation.

In an interview with Jornal da Manhã, from Jovem Pan News Natal, this Monday, the president of Coopanest, Vinícius Luz, reported that several proposals for the payment of the readjustment in a staggered way were presented by the doctors, but, according to him, Unimed Natal only went backwards in the negotiation.

“We only asked for inflationary recomposition, nothing else. The initial proposal was not met and then they went back to a non-adjustment, no increase. Even so, we proposed putting this (adjustment) for September, it was not accepted. So we proposed play for the next year, forget about 2022, give up this retroactive and start the inflationary recomposition only in 2023. It was said that it would be too heavy. We suggested splitting it up and even then it was not accepted. So, today the situation is that we have had more than five meetings, there are six different proposals. The cooperative is advancing in the proposals and Unimed is retroacting”, criticized Vinícius Luz.

The president of Coopanest also stated that the prices paid by Unimed Natal to anesthesiologists are among the lowest in the country, especially in comparison to the values ​​that are applied in Northeastern states that have the same service relationship between cooperative and health operator, such as Pernambuco and Recife.

President of Coopanest, Vinícius Luz, said that Unimed has retroacted on the proposals

President of Coopanest, Vinícius Luz, said that Unimed has retroacted on the proposals

In a statement, Unimed said that on Monday morning, an injunction was granted for the provisional maintenance of the anesthesiology services contract signed between Coopaneste and the operator. “Therefore, the surgeries and procedures performed with the participation of anesthesiologists continue without interruption or change in the procedures”, assured Unimed, in a note.

Despite the decision, the operator said that it continues to seek “all negotiating means with Coopanest” so that the matter leaves the judicial sphere and the contract is effectively established between the parties. Meetings between doctors and Unimed are scheduled to take place this Monday.

“We believe in the advancement of the negotiation, because we do not want contractual discontinuity. Since February, we have been trying to reach a consensus, without success. On the contrary, we are always available to provide assistance to all those who need procedures”, explains Vinícius. Light.

Currently, there are more than 70 medical companies on the market that offer anesthesiology services in Rio Grande do Norte, which, according to the president of the cooperative, “makes it clear that Coopanest is not the only provider in the state”.

“The Legal Counsel will appeal the decision, as it understands that anesthesiologists can act autonomously, or through other legal entities that already work in Natal. A similar situation already occurs with other operators, or in other cities in Brazil”, he said. the president of Coopanest.

Follow the interview of the president of Coopanest to Jornal da Manhã (from 23’30”)

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