City hall tracked 9,500 children with vaccine delays in Manaus - Manaus City Hall

City hall tracked 9,500 children with vaccine delays in Manaus – Manaus City Hall

City hall tracked 9,500 children with vaccine delays in Manaus

Manaus City Hall has already tracked 9,500 children under 1 year of age with delays in the basic vaccination schedule, through the telemonitoring teams of the Municipal Health Department (Semsa). The active search for this public was included in the routine of Semsa’s Telehealth management, in May of this year, to mobilize more efforts to expand childhood vaccination coverage in the capital.

The municipal secretary of Health, Djalma Coelho, reported that Telehealth strengthens the actions developed in person by the Family Health Strategy teams and makes it possible to reach a greater number of users. Operators obtain the identification of the child with vaccination delay and the telephone contacts from the dashboard Tele Immunização, developed by Semsa, which crosses data from the Citizen’s Electronic Health Record (PEC).

“Telehealth is a very important service that emerged during the pandemic, when we needed to establish long-distance contact with patients with Covid-19. The secretariat decided to include telemonitoring in the strategy of four other programs, including the follow-up of high-risk pregnant women, people with hypertension and diabetes, tuberculosis and children with pending vaccination”, said Djalma.

The manager of Semsa’s Telehealth, Jackeline Alves Galdino, explained that the Tele Immunização platform has been adopted by operators since May 10 of this year. In three months, until August 10, the professionals carried out 9,566 successful consultations in referring parents to the vaccine rooms.

“The most constant reasons for the lack of vaccination updates, cited by those responsible, are that the child has flu-like symptoms, or that they did not remember to take them to the health center or were unable to get off work. We seek to understand the difficulties that the family faces in order to guide them in the best possible way, indicating the nearest units, with extended hours, in addition to answering questions about vaccines”, said Jackeline.


The teams, made up of doctors and nurses, work to identify children with delayed doses of pentavalent (against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and infections caused by haemophilus influenzae, type B) and against poliomyelitis, both monitored by the Ministry of Health through Previne Brasil, and also with delay in MMR (against measles, mumps and rubella).

Jackeline explained that, during telephone contact or WhatsApp, professionals also take the opportunity to check if another immunizer is missing from the child’s book. She reinforces that operators only confirm the name and date of birth of users, that is, the population should not pass on personal and banking data to protect themselves against fraud.


Since last Monday, 8/8, Semsa is intensifying childhood immunization actions through the National Campaign for Vaccination against Poliomyelitis and Multivaccination, which runs until September 9. During the month of August, the secretariat also carries out the “Sabadões da Saúde”, expanding the number of units offering various services on Saturdays.

To reinforce the action, the Telehealth teams will also work on Saturdays, encouraging the population to seek the health services provided by Semsa. More information on addresses, hours and available services can be found on the Semsa website ( and on the secretary’s social media (@semsamanaus on Instagram and Semsa Manaus on Facebook).

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Text – Victor Cruz / Semsa

Photos – Henrique Souza / Semsa

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