Against Fake News about vitiligo, dermatologists launch podcast with clarification on the disease

Against Fake News about vitiligo, dermatologists launch podcast with clarification on the disease

Do you know what vitiligo is? Do you have any idea how it manifests and can be treated? To clear up doubts like this, the Palavra de Dermato – podcast of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) aimed at the population – this Friday (12) prepared an episode with important explanations about this disease.


This week’s chat features dermatologists Ivonise Follador (coordinator of the Department of Photobiology at SBD) and Caio César de Castro (advisor at the Department of Molecular Biology, Genetics and Immunology at SBD). Moderation is by Beni Grinblat (2nd secretary of the SBD).

Vitiligo is a chronic, genetic, autoimmune disease that is not contagious. It manifests as white patches on the skin that can be localized or reach the entire skin. This condition occurs due to the loss of skin color due to the destruction of melanocytes, cells that form melanin.

Despite changes in appearance, in general, vitiligo does not cause serious compromises to the health of those who develop it. Therefore, there are no limitations that prevent people with the disease from working, getting married, having friends and living in social groups. However, some physical care must be taken, especially with sun exposure.

diagnosis and treatment – In the conversation, experts emphasize the importance of visiting a dermatologist if a white spot appears on any part of the body. Only in this way is a correct diagnosis possible, since not every white spot means it is vitiligo. This type of manifestation can be residual mycosis, allergy or skin lymphoma. If it is vitiligo, the doctor will indicate the best therapeutic approach.

In addition, as dermatologists explain, it is important to individualize all care and also understand the impact that this disease has on the affected person’s life. Vitiligo, in general, affects young patients, at an age at which the spots can significantly compromise quality of life.

Therefore, the specialist’s role is to welcome, treat and support the family and the patient, especially since in the initial phase there can be negotiation and an attempt to cure at any cost. This can lead you to believe treatments that are not scientifically proven.

Currently, the treatment of vitiligo is according to the type of manifestation. Among the options are phototherapy with narrow band ultraviolet B radiation (UVB-nb), laser, in addition to surgical techniques for melanocyte transplantation. The most important thing, according to experts, is to listen to a dermatologist’s recommendation and correctly follow the treatment.

fake news – Finally, the experts also emphasize the importance of not believing everything you see on the internet and not doing self-medication. Phototherapy, for example, is not artificial tanning, but a controlled medical treatment. In addition, there is no miracle or home treatment for the disease and some of the recipes that are found on social media can be dangerous for the patient and even cause skin burns.

Word of Dermato is the SBD podcast whose objective is to provide information from reliable sources, with scientific basis, in contrast to fake news and promises of cure and treatment without proof. Every Friday a new episode is released on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

So far, the following episodes are available: “What the dermatologist can do for you”; “Skincare: skin care tips”; “Mycoses”; “My hair is falling out, now what?”; “Contact dermatitis”; and “Dermatologic surgery”. To access all editions, for free, just search for the term “Word of Dermato” on the streaming platform of your choice. The project has the institutional support of Vichy, Skinceuticals, La Roche Posay and Cerave.

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