The arrival of monkeypox opens a warning sign, says Health Secretary

The arrival of monkeypox opens a warning sign, says Health Secretary

Três Lagoas recorded, until this Friday (12), five suspected cases of smallpox Monkeypox, popularly known as monkeypox, according to the latest bulletin on the disease from the Epidemiological Surveillance (Vigep). Of these, four were discarded and one positive from a resident of the state of São Paulo.

In addition, the Municipal Health Department has identified low vaccination coverage, especially against polio. These two negative factors in the public health of Três Lagoas have worried the authorities of the sector. To talk about actions to curb smallpox infections in monkeys and about vaccination in Três Lagoas, Jornal do Povo interviewed the Municipal Health Secretary of the municipality, Elaine Furio, the behavior – mainly of the younger ones -, has contributed to the appearance of those infected with the disease.

She also said that, something already consolidated and praised, which was the natural adhesion in national immunization campaigns, has lost strength in recent years and has been showing low rates, due to the dissemination of false news about the effects of vaccines, in general. . Check out the full interview with Elaine Furio below.

Why is there this mistrust of vaccines on the part of a large portion of the Brazilian population?

Elaine Furio A lot of people believe fake news about vaccines in general. They fall for the tale that immunizers cause autism and that it can even kill. We, daily, appeal to the entire population of Três Lagoas about the low number of immunizations, especially for children aged 0 to 5 years, who are part of the group that receives the vaccine against polio. Not only we from Três Lagoas, but Mato Grosso and Brazil, are working to convince parents to take their children to take the immunizing agent. This situation is very sad, but we are struggling to make everyone more and more aware of the importance of this adhesion. As a mother, I get upset to see that other mothers are not taking their children to be vaccinated. I usually say the person who doesn’t take their child to be vaccinated against polio, has never lived with someone who has a sequel due to infection. I, for example, had a neighbor and a friend who had sequelae of the disease. Therefore, those who have lived through this situation as I have, do not make this absurd mistake against a child

Does this stigma against vaccines have any influence with the fake news they launched against immunizers against Covid-19?

fury The Covid-19 vaccination campaign itself showed this. After the arrival of the immunizer and people following their vaccination schedule, deaths and serious infections from the disease dropped dramatically. However, despite this positive balance, people are not taking the booster doses recommended by the Ministry of Health. Due to this factor, we are working weekends, with extended hours at the health posts on Monday and Friday. All our units are vaccinating until 19 pm. Despite this, our servers often sit idly by, as there is no membership. The entire effort is being carried out by the municipal, state and federal public authorities. For example, today we can no longer pay these overtime hours on leave, but in cash, but we still serve more widely, even if it costs us more. Therefore, we need the population to do their part too.

In relation to monkeypox, how has Três Lagoas faced this disease?

fury We already have five suspected cases. This opens an alert for us who belong to the health area. We are doing prevention work and showing the Três Lagoas people how to treat it, how to prevent it, in addition to what the symptoms are like. In addition, we are not talking about monkeypox, to talk about infection, but Monkeypox, because its transmission comes through rodents. In addition, we are advising people to avoid places with a lot of agglomeration, as well as in the pandemic, because this virus behaves similar to Covid-19. For example, most cases identified with the virus were among young people who went to a university party last week. I learned from them that at this event there was a kissing contest. This factor may have potentiated the infections of the disease. The main recommendation of the Ministry of Health is to avoid multiple sexual and intimate partners, as it is not necessary to have sexual intercourse for transmission to occur, but the simple exchange of saliva in a kiss can also be a transmitting channel. We need to make the population aware of this alert, especially the younger ones, as this disease can kill, even more so when the infected person has immunosuppressed diseases. The infected person can pass the virus to parents or grandparents, who are older and more vulnerable.

Does Três Lagoas, because it borders the State of São Paulo, raise concerns about monkeypox infections?

fury We are also concerned that our city has universities and receives many students from abroad. They return to cities where they have family and can also go to places with large crowds. The first suspected cases were young people who also participated in a party in the interior of São Paulo. So be warned again

Is the Municipal Public Health Network prepared to receive and treat the infected?

fury Every day is something new. I am talking to our specialists and preparing an entire training course for our network, based on technical notes recommended by the Ministry of Health. However, studies regarding the disease are daily and, for this reason, we need to be updating our care protocols every day. One concern is with our pregnant women, because in many cases, the disease can cause premature births. Therefore, all this training and guidance are part of our routine.

The country has been living with Covid-19 and dengue, but now faces this new disease. Can these challenges affect consultations and elective surgeries?

fury This whole set of diseases can delay other advances in the health network. When we go through this situation, I compare it to a war, we need to rebuild many other services. We have many queues cleared, such as CT scans, MRIs, scheduled in the month in which the order is received. So we need to speed up all these procedures so that they don’t stall and accumulate, as they did when the pandemic was infecting and killing more people. This 2022 is a year of reconstruction of our health area Três Lagoas

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