Health Department leads pact with 92 municipalities in the state to fight tuberculosis

Health Department leads pact with 92 municipalities in the state to fight tuberculosis

The State Department of Health (SES) leads the signing of a pact involving the 92 municipalities in the state to fight tuberculosis in Rio de Janeiro, a state that ranks second in the country in terms of disease incidence. The commitment will be symbolically signed this Tuesday (16.08), at an event that marks the State Tuberculosis Day, starting at 9:30 am, at the Windsor Guanabara Hotel, in downtown Rio.

The document that will be ratified by the 92 mayors presents the Plan to Strengthen Tuberculosis Control Actions in the State of Rio de Janeiro, a set of measures to reduce the incidence and mortality of the disease in the state. The actions also aim to transfer, to the municipalities, R$ 246.3 million destined by the State Legislative Assembly (Alerj) to fight the disease in the next five years. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), through technical cooperation, is responsible for managing the resources. The action also has the support of the Ministry of Health.

– The plan brings instruments to improve tuberculosis indicators in the State of Rio de Janeiro with the implementation of important actions, such as investing in epidemiological surveillance, professional qualification and the increase of human resources to work in the municipalities – says the Secretary of State for Health , Alexandre Chieppe.

The event will also mark the regulation of the State Council for the Fight against Tuberculosis, which will bring together representatives of the State, civil society, health professionals and control bodies. The advisory and propositional council will aim to assist in the formulation of strategies and in the control of the implementation of the policy to combat the disease.

According to Marneili Martins, Tuberculosis manager at SES, the project that will be launched is composed of six strategic axes.

– The objective is to promote the decentralization of tuberculosis actions in the Primary Health Care network, with adequate flows, ensuring agility in the service to users. Other actions seek to strengthen epidemiological surveillance, invest in technological innovations with the acquisition of equipment for diagnosing the disease, promote partnership with universities, in addition to increasing social support and disease control in the population deprived of liberty and on the streets – highlights the Tuberculosis manager.

As for the axis that seeks to ensure food security for patients undergoing treatment, in 2021, SES transferred R$ 19.5 million to the Health Departments of the 92 municipalities. The money, from the resources allocated by Alerj, must be used exclusively for the supply of basic food baskets, food card and/or transport vouchers for patients undergoing treatment. R$30 million was also earmarked for the renovation and expansion of the Ary Parreiras State Institute of Thoracic Diseases (IETAP), one of the references in the treatment of patients with severe tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. Investments are still planned in equipment to identify the tuberculosis bacillus, control the disease in the homeless and deprived of liberty, among other actions.

The Plan to Combat Tuberculosis is also investing in the training of 120 agents who will work with health professionals in the 16 municipalities that concentrate 86% of the disease’s cases in the state. They are: Belford Roxo, Campos dos Goytacazes, Duque de Caxias, Itaboraí, Itaguaí, Japeri, Magé, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Queimados, Rio de Janeiro, São Gonçalo, São João de Meriti and Paracambi. These cities will have priority in receiving health workers, nurses and social workers, who will support the construction and review of user care flows, pharmacovigilance and analysis of local information. The training will make it possible to implement surveillance and disease management actions.

Tuberculosis data in the state

In 2021, the State of Rio de Janeiro reported 16,099 cases of tuberculosis of all forms, of which 12,986 were new cases only. The incidence rate was more than 74 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In 2020, there were 11,623 new occurrences of the disease.

Currently, Rio de Janeiro occupies the second position in the national ranking of tuberculosis incidence, being the first in mortality from this cause. Over the years, the number of deaths from tuberculosis has increased. In 2019, there were 659 deaths; 765 deaths in 2020; and 876 in 2021.

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