The 6 Youtube channels that will help you maintain your well-being -

The 6 Youtube channels that will help you maintain your well-being –

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The Directorate-General for Health recommends the practice of 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise weekly or 75 minutes of more intense activity. This is the recommended minimum time for adults who want to improve their daily health and well-being.
And although it is recommended to do some physical activity outdoors, you can also take a few minutes to practice indoors. Here are some channels that can accompany you on this journey.

The 3 best channels for yoga and pilates lovers

1. Moving Mango

Moving Mango is the ideal channel for those who want to practice pilates at home and learn more about this modality. Due to the wide variety of videos on the channel, it is possible to create a very diverse exercise plan.
For those who don’t want to create their own exercise plan, Moving Mango is also the solution. The channel has several playlists with daily challenges such as “21 Days of BLOOM – Pilates to plant trust”, “30 Days Of LIGHT – Pilates Workout Series” or “REFRESH | 7 Day Pilates Workout Series”. These playlists are ideal for beginners.
In addition, the channel instructor encourages you to listen to your body and pay attention to your breathing. For this reason, the videos on this channel are an excellent support for self-knowledge.

2. Boho Beautiful Yoga

Yoga is also a good self-knowledge tool because it helps you pay more attention to your body. And with Boho Beautiful Yoga, you can explore not only Yoga classes, but also some guided meditations.
In this channel you will find playlists organized by class duration. Do you want 5-15 minute, 15-20 minute or 20-minute lessons? Just choose the playlist that corresponds to the time you have available.
And, for those just starting out, the channel also has videos that teach you how to do yoga positions, from the simplest to the most complex.

3. Man Flow Yoga

If you want yoga classes that focus on the male audience, we recommend Man Flow Yoga. The channel has videos for beginners and more experienced practitioners.
On the channel you will find videos with pose tutorials, with tips for those who want to have a healthier lifestyle or with challenges for those who are just starting out. Try the “Challenge 30 days” or “7 days challenge” playlists.
No Man Flow Yoga also has videos dedicated to mobility exercises.

The 3 best channels for those who like to practice cardio

1. The Fitness Marshall

Moving on to cardio workouts, dance lovers will really enjoy The Fitness Marshall videos. The channel videos are short and have very fun dances that are easy to follow.
One video from this channel is enough to feel more energetic. If you want a little longer workout, add multiple videos to a playlist and enjoy!

2. Walk at Home

Want to exercise at home without any equipment? Try Walk at Home.
The videos are around 45 minutes long (although there are other options for different activity levels) and incorporate a series of strategies that will help you improve your physical condition. For those who want to take the training further, it is best to incorporate some strength training.

3. HASfit

And finally, HASfit, which has workouts for all levels of physical activity, with very different durations.
The training for beginners starts with a video of 500 steps, about 5 minutes, and builds up to a workout of more than half an hour. But for those in better physical condition, there are other interesting playlists on the channel with workouts of about 45 minutes.
You’ll also find playlists with strength training, abs, among others.

If you prefer to exercise outside your home, applications like RunDay, Caliverse or Nike Training Club and some fitness gadgets can help.

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