In 15 days, ABC records a 123% rise in monkeypox cases

In 15 days, ABC records a 123% rise in monkeypox cases

In case of suspicion of the disease, the citizen should go to a health unit (Photo: Freepik)

Confirmations of cases of monkeypox, or Monkeypox, have more than doubled in the last 15 days on ABC. According to a survey carried out with the Health Departments, the number of diagnoses jumped from 52 cases (August 2), to 116 confirmations this Wednesday (17), a variation of 123%.

The monitoring of the disease in the region is done through the Epidemiological Surveillance of each municipality, with the support of the Basic Health Units (BHUs) that receive confirmation. In case of suspicion of the disease, the citizen should go to the nearest health unit.

The ABC region is the most affected in the entire state, and Santo André and São Bernardo are, respectively, the cities with the highest number of confirmed cases, behind only the Capital. To give you an idea, in the first city, 43 cases have already been confirmed, of which 22 people have already been cured and another 21 remain in social isolation. To combat the disease, citizens have received guidance to raise awareness of the disease, in addition to campaigns on social networks and press vehicles.

In São Bernardo, 33 residents were diagnosed with monkeypox. All front-line staff have been trained in the detection and reception of suspected or confirmed cases of the disease. These cases are treated at both the 33 Basic Health Units (UBS) and the nine Emergency Care Units (UPA) and, if necessary, are referred to an infectious disease specialist.

In São Caetano, the Health Department confirmed nine patients with Monkeypox, six of which have already been cured and another three remain in social isolation. In Diadema, 21 cases were registered. In the city, in addition to campaigns to raise awareness of the disease, material with the main doubts about monkeypox and an educational video circulates among the population.

Mauá recorded eight cases of the disease. The city does not mention promotion of actions to raise awareness of the disease, but said, in a note to the RD, which works to train professionals and monitor cases. Ribeirão Pires has the lowest number of cases, with two confirmations. The municipality emphasizes that it has strengthened preventive health measures.

Rio Grande da Serra did not comment until the end of the report.

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For the infectologist at the Christóvão da Gama Hospital in Diadema, Lorena Hornke, the disease has new characteristics, but it is already known within medicine. “The first case of monkeypox discovered was in 1958, since then there have been small outbreaks in different places and this year there has been a larger outbreak, on a worldwide scale.”


The specialist points out that the patient may present as initial symptoms: fever that lasts about three days and that can be accompanied by body pain (especially in the back) and malaise. After the first symptoms, nodes in the neck and small skin lesions, “which over time break and create a crust”. In all cases, medical follow-up is recommended.

The diagnosis of the disease can be obtained in a laboratory test with a result in up to four days, by the public or private network.


Monkeypox is transmitted through contact with wounds, for example through sheets or clothing. “There is a lot of talk that this disease occurs among men who have sex with other men, but it is necessary to remember that during the sexual act is where there is the greatest skin-to-skin contact. The disease is not transmitted only among homosexual men”, emphasizes Lorena.

Although the disease affects all age groups, the infectious disease specialist draws attention to the immunosuppressed patient, where, in these cases, there may be some complication that requires hospitalization. Despite this, the doctor points out that the evolution is usually benign and there is no treatment other than general care.

The patient who has the disease must be in isolation for about 21 days. However, the infectologist warns that the period of isolation may vary according to the severity of the disease. “A patient who has few injuries, after the last ‘cone’ falls, can suspend this isolation”, she exemplifies.

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