Fatores sociodemográficos influenciam na incidência e na mortalidade por Covid-19?

People in social vulnerability develop multimorbidities ten years earlier

A group of researchers from Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Peru and Brazil analyzed the relationship between the incidence of multimorbidities and economic vulnerability in these countries. The study was published in the journal Nature Reviews Disease Primersand had the participation of researchers from the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), in Rio Grande do Sul.

O Professor at the Faculty of Nursing at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) and co-author of the study, Bruno Pereira Nunes, spoke to the PEBMED Portal about the research results and explained that people in social vulnerability suffer earlier from combinations of diseases, such as hypertension blood pressure, diabetes, depression, obesity and heart disease.

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early multimorbidities

Also according to the results, people in situations of economic vulnerability have multimorbidity, on average, ten years earlier than the most privileged population. Therefore, these individuals live longer with the multiple diseases that demand frequent medical follow-up and continuous use of medication.

“Multimorbidity is directly associated with determinants of worsening quality of life, such as markers of aging, chronic inflammation, lifestyle habits, drug effects and premature deaths,” said the Brazilian researcher.

In addition to the relationship with socioeconomic vulnerability, the article also pointed out that individuals with greater vulnerability tend to have more difficulty in guaranteeing basic human rights. They also have less access to services and information that can contribute to healthier lifestyle habits, such as preventive health care and physical activity.

The article emphasized the urgent need for more scientific production on the subject, which directly influences the reflection on the subject and the elaboration of management consensus for health professionals.

Relationship between multimorbidity and covid-19

According to the research findings, the covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on multimorbidity issues.

“The situation of these patients, which was already bad, worsened with the pandemic, especially for those who needed to consult with different health professionals to deal with diseases, such as depression and anxiety, which emerged or worsened as a result of the pandemic”, analyzed the report. Professor Bruno Nunes.

The expert also said that the risk of worsening infection with the new coronavirus is greater in people with multimorbidity, making the burden to face the health crisis greater among these individuals.

Countries that had a bad face of covid-19 prolonged the pandemic and its consequences unnecessarily, causing greater wear and tear for these patients.

The work highlighted the urgency of carrying out more studies for a better understanding of this phenomenon and the tracing of more effective goals, since the lack of evidence on the subject challenges the entire care network, such as professionals, services and health systems.

“It is worth remembering that care for people with multimorbidity involves comprehensive, humanized, equitable and longitudinal care, with a focus on primary health care in the coordination of the care network,” said Bruno Nunes.

For the Brazilian researcher, the Unified Health System (SUS) and the Family Health Strategy (ESF) are capable of providing care for the entire population, as long as they have adequate conditions for this, including funding and quality management.

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