Congress brings together specialists to discuss the future of endocrinology - Portal Comunique-se

Congress brings together specialists to discuss the future of endocrinology – Portal Comunique-se

From September 3rd to 7th, the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology (SBEM) will hold the 35th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Endocrinology and Metabology (CBEM) in São Paulo. as central theme Science today for tomorrowthe event, which takes place every two years, brings together exponents of the specialty and will address the main news and guidelines in the area of ​​activity.

In 2022, the Brazilian Congress of Endocrinology and Metabology (CBEM) reaches its 35th edition. The meeting, which is the third largest in the world in the specialty, aims to bring current and quality information to the area of ​​activity and, with this objective, will have more than 350 speakers, 21 of them international, four of them sent by the Endocrine Society and two by the European Society of Endocrinology. This edition of the congress also celebrates the number of 580 works sent, one of the largest ever achieved in the editions of this event.

On the first day, scientific issues involving issues related to gender and ethnicity will be addressed, such as access to health and hormonal treatment for transgender people in the public network and endocrine disparities related to racial issues. Highlight for the workshop with the theme Structuring the management of the trans person, which will address issues such as pre-hormonization assessment, hormone therapy in trans men, estrogen and antiandrogen therapy in trans women and monitoring of treatment in trans people. “Our society has changed and evolved, and we doctors need to keep up with all these changes. In this sense, we have programmed several tables and sessions that address topics related to diversity and equity with the aim of promoting greater inclusion”, highlights Paulo Augusto Carvalho Miranda, vice president of SBEM and president of the scientific committee of the 35th CBEM.

Another focus of the meeting will be the new drugs for the treatment of obesity introduced this year in the Brazilian market and the new concept of obesity, which proposes a classification based not only on the BMI (Body Mass Index), but on the maximum weight achieved in life (MWAL). – Maximum Weight Attained in Life). Highlight for the panel “The Future of Obesity Treatment: New Surgical Techniques and More Effective Medicines”, which will be held on Monday, September 5th.

“We believe in Science and that investing in it will provide a better life for all of us. That is why we seek to bring to this congress the main innovations in Endocrinology, focusing on topics such as transgenderism, new treatments for obesity, endocrine repercussions of oncological treatments, precision medicine, the management of rare endocrine diseases, among others”, highlights Marise Lazaretti Castro. , president of CBEM 2022.

Precision medicine applied to endocrinology, using molecular biology to improve diagnoses and procedures, will also be highlighted at CBEM 2022. In addition, the event will have a workshop on oncological endocrinology and the role of the endocrinologist in the management of cancer patients to control the treatment, side effects and after healing. “We want to draw the attention of doctors to the topic, talk about new drugs for cancer and their endocrine implications, showing the importance of oncologists and endocrinologists working together in the treatment”, highlights Paulo Augusto Carvalho Miranda.

According to Marise Lazaretti Castro, president of CBEM 2022, the expectation for the face-to-face meeting after two years of hiatus is high. “Online meetings were extremely important at a critical moment of a pandemic, but face-to-face exchange is richer. The interaction that takes place, not only during classes, but in the halls of the congress is what provides new discussions, alliances, partnerships and collaborations”, she highlights. More than 4 thousand participants are expected in the five days of the event. All sanitary measures of the Government of the State of São Paulo and the Federal Government for the event sector will be respected.

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