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Smallpox of the monkeys: City hall of SP guides ‘active search’ of cases in schools

The city hall of São Paulo, through the technical operational committee to combat monkeypox, released this Thursday, 25th, a document with sanitary measures for the prevention and control of the disease in schools. The action was carried out in conjunction with the Municipal Department of Education (SME).

For early childhood education, for example, the committee guides children to be divided and assigned to groups or classes; that those over 2 years old wear a face mask during their stay in the unit and on school transport; and that the little ones do not share personal objects (pens, pencils, cell phones, etc.) without prior cleaning.

For teachers and other education professionals, the committee suggests that they carry out an active search for suspects among students, verifying the presence of symptoms and signs among students. If identified, it is necessary to call the parents or guardians to go to school and refer the child or adolescent to a health unit.

Last Wednesday, the 24th, the City Hall of the capital released guidelines for the prevention of monkeypox in work environments and in service establishments, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, beauty salons and hotels. The measures are similar to those adopted for the prevention of covid-19.

In confirmed cases, it is recommended that the patient stay in isolation for 21 days or until the rashes have disappeared, that is, until all the scabs have fallen off and a new layer of intact skin has formed.

The city of São Paulo has, so far, 1,964 cases of monkeypox, according to the Bulletin Smallpox of the Municipal Health Department. Data from the capital of São Paulo represent 47.3% of monkeypox diagnoses in the country. Until this Thursday, Brazil had registered 4,144 infected and one death due to monkeypox.

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