Angolan CNE commissioners demarcate themselves from the minutes of provisional results due to "political exploitation"

Angolan CNE commissioners demarcate themselves from the minutes of provisional results due to “political exploitation”

The four national commissioners appointed by the president of the National Assembly convened a press conference to present their complaints, but refused to reveal their party, stressing, in the words of Maria Pascoal, wanting to “fulfill the fundamental duty of informing Angolans in matters relating to the electoral process and, fundamentally, to the provisional electoral results”.

The CNE is made up of 17 members, a judicial magistrate, who presides over it, and sixteen citizens appointed by the National Assembly, by an absolute majority of the Deputies in effect, on the proposal of the parties with parliamentary seats.

Commissioner Maria Pascoal pointed to “constant violations of the law” and stated that the CNE could have made the fifth Angolan elections, which took place on Wednesday, a “true day of celebration” that would result in the satisfaction of citizens and voters, with a view to to provide an electoral environment that was in line with the will of the people, which did not happen.

Among the violations, he pointed out the fact that entities outside the law are at the center of scrutiny of the CNE, and restrictions on access and full exercise of the powers of national commissioners, which have been exercised by a restricted group of national commissioners appointed by the president of the CNE. , as only five of the 17 members were able to tabulate the results.

He also indicated that the commissioners expressed dissatisfaction “due to the fact that the provisional results made public have been the object of political exploitation, as the process of counting and final scrutiny is still ongoing”.

Contrary to what was supposed, null and blank votes were not considered, so the commissioners who signed the communiqué presented to the press today demarcated themselves from the minutes of the provisional results.

The commissioners also questioned the election observation regulation, a debate that “was not accepted [pela CNE] followed by a threat with disciplinary proceedings against the subscribers and their return to the National Assembly and expulsion from this body”, said the commissioner.

“We distance ourselves from all acts that seek to subvert the law and the law and that compromise the seriousness of the electoral process and jeopardize the sovereign will of voters with whom the CNE should be committed to providing a better service in these elections”, lamented Maria Pascoal.

Commissioner Domingos Inácio Francisco confirmed that the minutes of the provisional results were signed by all, but said that they signed the document with a view to discussing and deliberating on votes and nulls and blanks.

“Unfortunately, these minutes of the provisional results did not receive treatment in accordance with the law, as the exercise of powers was transferred to a reduced group of five members to determine the electoral results. We did not participate in the tabulation process”, he criticized, reaffirming that the minutes with the provisional results are being “politically used”.

The commissioner said that complaints were made before the press conference, through exposures that did not receive a response.

“In principle, we are not going to sign the minutes with the final results, we are going to wait,” Domingos Francisco told journalists, adding that the commissioners hope to find a solution to what is happening and that the CNE services “must be directed to the country, and not to any political party”.

According to data released by the CNE, when 97.03% of the votes in the elections held last Wednesday were counted, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA, in power since 1975) obtained 3,162,801 votes, less one million ballots. scrutinized than in 2017, when it obtained 4,115,302 votes.

The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) registered a great increase, electing deputies in 17 of the 18 provinces and obtaining a historic victory in Luanda, the largest province in the country, obtaining so far 2,727,885 votes, while in 2017 obtained 1,800,860 favorable newsletters.

However, the leader of UNITA, Adalberto Costa Júnior, on Friday contested the victory of the MPLA and asked for an international commission to compare the electoral minutes held by the party with those of the CNE.

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