Blumenau Coronavirus Bulletin - 9/1/2022 |  SC Today News

Blumenau Coronavirus Bulletin – 9/1/2022 | SC Today News

Blumenau records 15 new cases of coronavirus
Blumenau records this Thursday, the 1st, a total of 133,347 confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), 15 more than last Wednesday, August 31, when the municipality accounted for 133,332 cases of the disease.

In all, Blumenau City Hall has already carried out 492,966 tests for Covid-19. In the last 24 hours, 236 exams were processed. Among the positive cases, 66 patients are undergoing treatment. Of these, 64 are in a stable state of health, in home isolation and being monitored by the Health Promotion Department.

Of the cases under analysis and confirmed in Blumenau and other municipalities, 4 patients are hospitalized, 1 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 3 in the ward. Of these in the ICU, 1 patients are from Blumenau and 0 patients from another city. The occupancy rate of ICU beds in the city is 1.5% in relation to the current occupancy capacity, with 66 active beds. In the ward, there are 1 patients from Blumenau and 2 from other municipalities, with an occupancy rate of 1.7%.

The municipality also counts 132,480 cases of people who have already gone through the period of isolation and have not shown new symptoms, considered as recovered. This Thursday no death was recorded, thus remaining 801 deaths from coronavirus in the municipality.

Blumenau Prefecture highlights the importance of maintaining social isolation, in cases where people can stay at home. The public authorities also reinforce safety measures, which include the use of a mask whenever you leave the house and frequent hand hygiene, with soap and water or gel alcohol.

Blumenau has already applied 754,304 vaccines between 1st, 2nd, single dose and booster dose
In the last 24 hours, 15 vaccines of the first dose were administered, 12 of which were pediatric doses (292,163 vaccinated so far), 30 of the second dose or single dose, 21 of which were pediatric doses (284,792 immunized so far), 152 of the booster dose ( 177,349 immunized so far). So far, 12,724 children from 3 to 11 years of age have been vaccinated with the first dose – which represents 32.2% of vaccination coverage. 8608 second-dose vaccines have also been administered to children – which represents 21.8% of second-dose vaccine coverage.

The municipality follows the determinations of the National Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19, of the Ministry of Health (MS) and the deliberations of the State Government. With the arrival of new shipments of immunizers, the City Government will disclose on its official channels (website and social networks) the priority groups that can be vaccinated according to the Municipal Immunization Plan.

Covid-19 Quick Service
The General Family Outpatient Clinics (AGF) continue to provide care for flu symptoms and suspected Covid-19 in the city’s neighborhoods. The Old AGF; AGF Agricultural School; AGF Garcia; AGF Fortaleza; AGF Itoupava; AGF Badenfurt and AGF Centro are open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm.

Service during holidays and weekends
The City of Blumenau, through the Department of Health Promotion (Semus), defined how the services will be during the 172nd anniversary of Blumenau, celebrated this Friday, September 2nd. On this day, the General Outpatient Clinic of the Marilene Giacomet de Aguiar Family (AGF Escola Agrícola), located at Rua Norberto Seara Heusi, in the Escola Agrícola neighborhood, will serve the population. On Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th, the AGFs Escola Agrícola and Fortaleza will attend.

Friday: AGF Agricultural School, from 7 am to 6 pm – distribution of tickets until 5 pm.
Saturday and Sunday: AGFs Escola Agrícola and Fortaleza, from 7 am to 6 pm – distribution of tickets until 5 pm.

On Friday, the 2nd, vaccination takes place at the AGF Agricultural School. On Saturday, the 4th, the application of vaccines against flu, Covid-19 and other diseases is carried out at the AGF’s Escola Agrícola and Fortaleza, from 8 am to 5 pm. The distribution of passwords is done up to one hour before the end of activities. On Sunday, the application of vaccines is made only in the three malls in the city.

Vaccination in shopping malls in Blumenau
Vaccination against flu and Covid-19 also continues to take place during the weekends in the three malls in the city. People from 6 months of age can be vaccinated against the flu and the application of the Covid-19 vaccine is aimed at people over 18 years old. The 4th booster dose for people over 30 years old can also be done in malls without the need for an appointment.

To have access to immunization, it is necessary to present an official document with a photo; vaccination card; and minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

European Shopping Park
Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 2pm to 8pm
Entry into the vaccination queue can be made up to 1 hour before the end of activities.

Neumarkt Shopping and Norte Shopping
Saturday: 11 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 2pm to 8pm
Entry into the vaccination queue can be made up to 1 hour before the end of activities.

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