MONKEYPOX: first cases in ELDERLY are confirmed in Pernambuco;  MONKEYPOX already has community transmission in the state

MONKEYPOX: first cases in ELDERLY are confirmed in Pernambuco; MONKEYPOX already has community transmission in the state

The new update of confirmed cases of monkey pox announced on Thursday (1st) by the Pernambuco Health Department (SES)points out that the State already has community transmission (situation in which it is no longer possible to identify the source of the infection) of the monkeypoxas the disease is also called.

The Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance of Pernambuco (Cievs-PE) counts, so far, 502 notificationswith 351 cases still under investigation, 42 confirmed and 109 discarded cases.

Of the 42 confirmed cases, two are elderly patients. THE State Department of Health (SES)the column Health and wellnessof this JCrequested information on these two cases in elderly people and is awaiting a response.

One article published in the scientific period Elsevier Public Health Emergency Collection shows that the current monkeypox epidemic may offer greater threat to elderly patients with comorbidities (chronic diseases).

as with the viral diseasesmost cases of monkey pox evolves well in a few weeks (approximately two to four weeks).

But it is already known that they are at greater risk of presenting complications arising from the monkeypox: people with compromised immune systems, such as elderly and people with chronic diseases.

MONKEYPOX: What is community transmission and how to prevent it?

“Community transmission of the disease occurs when it is no longer possible to identify the source of the infection. This stage was already expected, since several states in the country have already confirmed the sustained circulation and autochthonous spread of the virus”, says the executive secretary of Health Surveillance, Patrícia Ismael.

According to Patrícia Ismael, from the point of view of epidemiological surveillance, all monitoring and follow-up actions of cases remain, as well as the mandatory notification by health services.

She adds that the State already has the Public Health Response Plan for Monkeypox cases in Pernambuco, with the objective of minimizing the impact caused by the introduction of the virus in the state territory. “We also continue to provide instruments to municipal managers in order to ensure an adequate response to the disease.”

Among the reported cases of monkeypox in Pernambuco, 42 patients had laboratory confirmation for monkeypox and involve people living in the cities of Recife (27), Jaboatão dos Guararapes (4), Paulista (2), Olinda (2), Caruaru (2), Petrolina (1), Camaragibe (1), Surubim (1), São Joseph of Egypt (1) and Shire (1).

About the age groups of confirmed cases of monkey pox: 20 to 29 (18), 30 to 39 (14) and 40 to 49 (8), 60 and over (2). Among them, 36 males and 6 females. Of the confirmed cases, all are in home isolation.

And the 351 monkeypox cases under investigation are from people residing in the municipalities of Recife (53), Olinda (44), Jaboatão dos Guararapes (42), Paulista (25), Abreu e Lima (13), Caruaru (10), Petrolina (11), Belo Jardim (9 ), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (9), Carpina (9), Camaragibe (7), Paudalho (7), Garanhuns (6), Limoeiro (5), Tuparetama (5), Buíque (4), Ferreiros (4), Pesqueira (4), Araripina (3), Floresta (3), Jatobá (3), Ouricuri (3), São José do Egito (3), São Lourenço da Mata (3), Araçoiaba (3), Bom Jardim (2) ), Brejo da Madre de Deus (2), Cabrobó (2), Igarassu (2), Ipojuca (2), Itaquitinga (2), Lagoa Grande (2), Machados (2), Nazaré da Mata (2), Palmares (2), Pedra (2), São Caitano (2), Tabira (2), Tacaimbó (2), Afogados da Ingazeira (1), Alagoinha (1), Altinho (1), Arcoverde (1), Barreiros (1) ), Belém do São Francisco (1), Bezerros (1), Brejinho (1), Camocim de São Félix (1), Casinhas (1), Catende (1), Condado (1), Custodia (1), Fernando de Noronha (1), Gameleira (1), Granite (1), Gravatá (1), Itamaracá Island (1), Ipubi (1), Jaqueira (1), Jucati (1), Lajedo (1), Pombos (1), Rio Formoso (1), Sairé (1), Salgueiro (1), Santa Maria do Cambucá (1), São João (1), São Joaquim do Monte (1), São Vicente Ferrer (1), Serra Talhada (1), Timbaúba (1), Toritama (1), Strand do Lério (1) and Strands (1).

The age groups of cases under investigation monkeypox are: 0 to 9 (52), 10 to 19 (58), 20 to 29 (79), 30 to 39 (60), 40 to 49 (51) and 50 to 59 (30) and 60 and more (19), being 198 males and 151 females. The reported cases are being monitored by the municipal epidemiological surveillance teams.

Monkey pox: what care is needed?

“Although most cases manifest themselves lightly, we reinforce the need for the population to be more watch out for symptoms, such as skin lesions. As there is still no vaccine for the disease, it is important to maintain some precautions”, guides Patrícia Ismael.

“If lesions appear, you need to seek a health service in your city, maintain isolation and follow all medical recommendations, in order to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus”, adds the executive secretary.

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