Manaus City Hall aligns actions to combat measles - SEMSA

Manaus City Hall aligns actions to combat measles – Manaus City Hall

Manaus City Hall aligns actions to combat measles

Following the Ministry of Health’s plan to interrupt the transmission of the measles virus and resume certification of the elimination of the disease in Brazil, the Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Health Department (Semsa), has been strengthening routine surveillance actions. and investigation of suspected cases.

During a meeting held on the morning of this Thursday, 9/1, managers of the Department of Epidemiological, Environmental, Zoonoses and Occupational Health Surveillance (Dvae/Semsa) and technicians from the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP) discussed the implementation of the Action Plan to Interrupt Measles Virus Circulation, Monitoring and Rechecking its Elimination in Brazil.

According to the director of Dvae, Marinélia Ferreira, the meeting represented another stage of the work that Semsa has been developing to align the actions of Primary Health Care and the state health network, increasing attention to possible suspected cases of measles, acting in a timely way to break the chain of transmission of the disease, following guidelines from the Ministry of Health so that Brazil can resume the certification of a measles-free country, granted by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in 2016 and that Brazil lost in 2019.

“Currently, the municipality of Manaus does not register measles cases, but Semsa has been carrying out preventive actions, maintaining intense surveillance and investigation of suspected cases. Monitoring is carried out through health units that notify suspected cases and that are investigated, ensuring that control measures can be carried out quickly, to prevent a new outbreak of the disease,” said Marinelia.

This year, 47 suspected cases of the disease were reported in Manaus, and after an epidemiological investigation, 43 were discarded, and four are still under investigation. In Brazil, 44 confirmed cases of measles were recorded, with the states of São Paulo and Amapá currently maintaining an active outbreak of the disease.

The technician of the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance of the FVS, Ângela Carepa da Silva, explained that the objective of the FVS is to reinforce the actions with the municipalities of Amazonas, strengthening the plan implemented at the beginning of the year for the monitoring and sustainability of the elimination of measles in the State. and reinforcing the actions of the national plan to eliminate the circulation of the measles virus.

“The notification of suspected cases to the entire population that presents specific symptoms of the disease is part of the routine. The notification is made and the case is investigated, discarded or confirmed”, informed Ângela Silva.

The manager of Epidemiological Surveillance at Semsa, Cláudia Rolim, highlighted that the plan for the elimination of measles in Brazil aims to reinforce the actions developed in the routine of epidemiological surveillance, laboratory, immunization, health care and communication, strengthening the capacity of the health network to intervene in the control and prevention of the disease.

“One of the actions recommended by the FVS and the Ministry of Health is the ‘Retrospective Active Search’ of suspected measles cases that, for some reason, were not reported in the health units. Semsa carried out this active search by researching and reviewing electronic patient records. The intention was to identify possible new cases, carry out vaccine blocking and monitor the family and social contacts of the patient who presented symptoms of the disease”, explained Cláudia Rolim.

The “Retrospective Active Search” was carried out in 262 state and municipal health units. Between March 28 and April 12, 2022, 338,475 medical records were searched. Of this total, 235,397 did not have criteria for review and 103,078 were reviewed, and in only one was the identification of criteria that meet the definition of measles case. The case was investigated and control and prevention actions were carried out. A new retrospective active search should be carried out this September.

Meets the definition of suspected measles case every patient who has fever and maculopapular rash (reddish patches on the skin), accompanied by one or more of the following signs and symptoms: cough and/or runny nose and/or conjunctivitis, regardless of age and situation vaccine.

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Text – Eurivania Galúcio / Semsa

Photograph – Disclosure / Semsa

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