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An ideal plan to take care of your employee’s health

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posted on 09/04/2022 06:00

  (credit: Ari Versiani)

(credit: Ari Versiani)

Have the peace of mind of having a health plan is increasingly a priority. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of Brazilians covered by medical-hospital assistance grew by more than 2.5 million, with the country approaching the 50 million beneficiary mark.

Research by the National Association of Benefits Administrators (Anab) shows that the product represents a guarantee in cases of need for 69% of respondents. For 31%, it is a recurring need.

In line with this greater interest of society, companies seek to protect health of its employees with the offer of this benefit. And at a time when organizations are adapting to new work formats, with teams working at home, in the office or traveling around different cities, providing a full planwhich protects the employee wherever he is, is essential.

To meet the different needs of the market, Bradesco Saúde has diversified its portfolio of business plans, offering increasingly customized solutions. Among the novelties for the Federal District, a highlight is the Bradesco Saúde Ideal plan, which arrived in Brasília after excellent results in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With national coverage, the product has more than 19,000 provider options, including clinics, offices, hospitals and laboratories, in all regions of Brazil.

In DF, the Ideal plan has a carefully selected network of providers, with names such as hospitals Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia North, Brasília Maternity, Daher Lago Sul, Águas Claras, Santa Marta and Maria Auxiliadora. Among the options for exams are Sabin laboratories, with more than 50 units in the region.

For companies, Bradesco Saúde Ideal also stands out for its flexibility, with different percentages of co-participation in consultations and examsin addition to competitive prices.

“Bradesco Saúde Ideal is a very successful product in our portfolio diversification strategy. The arrival in the Federal District is another important step in this process”
Flávio Bitter, managing director of Bradesco Saúde.

“We developed this product to meet the needs of companies that seek multiple local and national options for quality providers, with flexibility in contracting and co-participation models, and at competitive costs”.

Expanded transplant and remission coverage

Bradesco Saúde Ideal offers a series of advantages to the beneficiary, with expanded coverage of transplants. The product also provides for remission – a guarantee of continuity of provision of health services to the dependents enrolled in the event of the death of the holder –, providing more security and tranquility to the insured.

The insured also has a 100% digital reimbursement of medical-hospital expenses outside the referenced network throughout the national territory, for all procedures covered by the plan.

My Doctor and Club+ Health Program

Another highlight of the Bradesco Saúde Ideal plan is the access for beneficiaries to special lines of care, such as the Meu Doutor Program. The initiative, which is based on valuing the doctor-patient bond, rescues the primary care effective and resolute, following closely the patient health throughout life.

In Brasília, the program also offers the Meu Doutor Especialidades lines – in the areas of pediatrics, orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics, internal medicine and family and community medicine – and Meu Doutor APS, which encourages the beneficiary to engage in constant care. and based on prevention, through the model of Primary Health Care (APS).

Another advantage available to Bradesco Saúde Ideal beneficiaries is access to Clube+Saúde, a platform that offers exclusive benefits.

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