Soft drinks, sausages and processed meats: see which foods can slow your metabolism - A Gazeta News

Soft drinks, sausages and processed meats: see which foods can slow your metabolism – A Gazeta News

Metabolism is primarily responsible for generating energy and keeping the body moving. So what happens if this engine starts running slowly? In addition to weight gain and aesthetic appeal, a slow metabolism can be responsible for the emergence of a series of diseases, as explained by the nutritionist and biomedical doctor at Clínica NutriCilla, Ana Paula Kessler. “Slow metabolism can be related to bad habits and lifestyle, such as poor diet, few hours of sleep, low water consumption and sedentary lifestyle. Some foods have the power to accelerate metabolism and others can slow it down”, Next, see which foods can contribute to poor metabolism performance:

You embedded foods they are considered villains in any context in which healthy eating and well-being are discussed, therefore, in relation to metabolism it would be no different. In this sense, avoiding the consumption of ham, turkey breast, sausage, salami and bologna, for example, is important to ensure a good quality of life. “More fatty and industrialized foods are responsible for a slower metabolism”, says the nutritionist.

The excessive consumption of sugar it can also impact metabolism negatively, according to the expert. This is because sugar in large amounts can trigger a spike in insulin in the body, which will later be turned into fat by the liver.

O soda, due to the high concentration of sugar and preservatives in its composition, it is also not beneficial for metabolism. In addition, the drink contains caffeine among its ingredients, which, according to Ana Paula, leads the body to a state of metabolic stress.

“[Com os refrigerantes]the pancreas needs to work harder to produce insulin, it removes the magnesium and calcium reserves from the bones, the person becomes dehydrated, more tired and sleepy, in addition to being addictive”, he explains.

You industrialized juices are also not welcome in this case, not only because of the excess sugar, but also because of the artificial colors and thickeners. “[Esses componentes] can cause allergic processes, stomach irritation, in addition to harming the metabolic and neurological process”, says Ana Paula

At ultra-processed meats, such as industrialized hamburgers and nuggets, are rich in fat, salt and preservatives, in addition to dyes and chemical additives to make the color, smell and taste more palatable. From the list of unhealthy ingredients, it is already possible to imagine the damage that these foods can cause to metabolism if consumed in an exaggerated way.

Excessive consumption of cookies and cookies It’s also not a good choice. These foods usually contain large amounts of sugar, which increases the chances of being turned into fat by the body and, consequently, slowing down the metabolism, according to the nutritionist.

For a healthy diet, it is not enough to think only about the quality of the food, the spices used in the cooking process also deserve attention and, in some cases, can cause serious health problems.

“[Eles] contains excess dyes, toxins and sodium, which can increase blood pressure, cause fluid retention, worsen the immune system, increase the risk of chronic diseases, in addition to kidney diseases”, says the nutritionist.

If the list of what to avoid seems extensive, the list of foods that contribute to metabolic performance is not lacking. According to Ana Paula, to ensure that the metabolism works quickly, it is worth betting on fish, oilseeds, lean meats, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin seeds, oats, dried fruits, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, tuna and broccoli

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