Yellow September: 6 apps that can help you take care of your mental health

Yellow September: 6 apps that can help you take care of your mental health

Yellow September is the month to talk about mental health, and there are some apps that can help with that. Options that help get out of anxiety attacks and others that give quick access to therapeutic help, for example, are some examples of apps available for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones that can help a lot in mild cases. It is possible, among other things, to select your state of mind – for example, anxious or angry – and then do guided meditations, performing actions such as controlling your breath. Here are six apps that can help improve your mental health and get you out of tough times.

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It is worth remembering that, if you are and/or know someone at risk, the ideal is to contact the Life Appreciation Center (call 188). Still, although the options offer immediate solutions, in the long term it is indicated to contact psychological help.

Yellow September: apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones can be very useful for taking care of mental health; check it out — Photo: Mariana Tralback/TechTudo

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The Be Okay app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, aims to help users deal with anxiety attacks and panic attacks through breathing control. By tapping the “Start” button, located on the home page, a series of inspiration and expiration exercises are displayed, with periods that can be customized in the app’s settings. Furthermore, it is also possible to choose relaxing audios to listen to, such as “Cigarras”, “Tropical Forest” or “Waves”.

In addition, the platform provides a speed dial button, which facilitates contact with a family member or friend in case of emergency. Another interesting feature is the service’s “gallery”, which allows you to import images that convey happiness and can help in times of crisis.

“Be Okay” application stimulates breathing control in order to help in moments of anxiety and panic crisis — Photo: Reproduction / Mariana Tralback

Rootd provides several tools for overcoming panic attacks and anxiety attacks – both for “immediate” and long-term cases. In this sense, one of the main features of the service is a red button, which must be pressed in times of crisis. In doing so, the user chooses between two possible paths: one to find comfort quickly, and another to face and deconstruct bad feelings.

In addition to this, other app content can also help in difficult times, such as an “Emergency Contact” button, to register the number of a friend, family member or help center; and a virtual diary, to record day-to-day experiences. Also, the platform has a page of personal statistics, which shows each progress made in a playful way.

“Rootd” offers features to control anxiety and panic attacks, including a large red button that must be pressed in moments of crisis — Photo: Reproduction / Mariana Tralback

The application has a Premium version that gives access to more short and long-term lessons, with topics such as “Diet” and “Addiction to Social Networks”. Subscription also grants you new breathing and meditation exercises, as well as access to relaxing sounds and beats. The free trial of the service lasts for 7 days and, after the period, the charge is R$ 199.99 per year.

Elected by Google as the best app of 2019 for Android in Brazil, Cíngulo works with the concept of guided therapy and seeks to help resolve emotional issues and improve self-knowledge. In the first access, it is necessary to answer a self-assessment test; then, based on the results, various lessons will be displayed – such as sessions to overcome shyness, fear and anxiety.

In addition, the app also has a “Diary” tab, to record feelings and lessons learned; and the “SOS” page, which allows you to select a mood – such as “Anxious”, “Angry” or “Insecure” – and have access to motivational audios and videos to improve your mood.

“Cíngulo” app provides guided therapy sessions that can help resolve emotional issues — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

The application can be installed for free on Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones, but it also has a version for subscribers, in which unpublished techniques and content are released. The monthly subscription costs BRL 44.90 per month, with no trial period, while the annual fee is BRL 299.90, with a 7-day free trial.

Available for Android, the app “Tá tudo bem?” It has resources that aim to offer emotional support and help with suicide prevention. On the home page, the red button “I need to talk to someone” flashes on the screen and, through it, it is possible to call the Life Appreciation Center (CVV) under complete secrecy and receive support. Also, in the application menu, it is possible to register the number of an emergency contact, and find breathing exercises for moments of crisis.

There are also spaces to write a gratitude journal and list reasons to live – records that can be very important in difficult situations. It is worth mentioning that all the app’s functions can be used for free, and, if you want, you can make donations from R$ 1.00 to help pay for the app’s license on the Play Store. To learn more, visit

With free use, app “Tá tudo bem?” helps in suicide prevention and offers emotional support resources to users — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

In order to help those who suffer from self-harm, Calm Harm features to-do lists to reflect on and get away from bad thoughts, like “How many writers can you name?” or “Text someone who gave you a warm smile.” So, while the mind is busy thinking about the topics, the urge to self-harm gradually diminishes, so that the situation is turned around in a positive way.

At the bottom of the screen, breathing control sections are also available to help with crises, as well as a space for personal monitoring. All the app’s features can be used for free, but it’s worth mentioning that the app is only available in English.

“Calm Harm” is an ally to face impulses of self-mutilation — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Calling 911 is also an option for people seeking emotional support and suicide prevention. Through the number, it is possible to talk, anonymously, with volunteers from the Life Appreciation Center (CVV), which is open 24 hours a day. In addition to the calls, there is also space for people who prefer to write, such as assistance via chat through the official website ( or e-mail ( .

Home page of the Life Appreciation Center portal – to receive emotional support, it is possible to make calls or send messages via chat and email — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

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