Know 4 common mistakes when burning fat

Know 4 common mistakes when burning fat

Burning localized fat and decreasing the scales are some of the main goals of those looking to have a beautiful and healthy body. However, in the desperation to get quick results, some gaffes can end up delaying and even preventing the much-desired elimination of fat.

Nutritionist Cynara Oliveira, a specialist in obesity and bariatric surgery, and personal trainer Rafael Ferreira, share four of these bad habits that should be avoided by anyone who wants to lose weight.

1. sleep poorly

A bad night’s sleep makes your metabolism slower and therefore less efficient during the day. In addition, according to Cynara, it is at this time that the hormones ghrelin and lepitin, related to hunger, are regulated.

“It is also during the night that we reduce the levels of cortisol in the body, one of those responsible for stress and, consequently, for the increase in appetite”, he adds. Therefore, the ideal is that the individual sleeps at least eight hours a night.

2. Skip important meals

Anyone who thinks that skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner is a good strategy to burn fat is wrong. Going without food for a long time can send the wrong message to the body. “When we go a long time without eating and finally eat, the body understands that it needs to store even more fat. After all, he doesn’t know when we’re going to eat again”, explains the nutritionist.

Therefore, each person should consume at least the three main meals of the day. Ideally, the individual should still eat snacks between meals. To know the best orientation for your body and create a personalized menu, it is important to seek a specialized professional.

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3. Exaggerating exercises

According to personal trainer Rafael Ferreira, it is very common to overdo the exercises as a way to make up for the downtime. With this, the limits considered healthy are exceeded.

“Exercise is like medicine. There is an exact dose for each person, taking into account metabolism, sleep, stress, physical disposition. If you exaggerate the dose and intensity and your body is not prepared, the body will not feel stimulated to gain muscle and burn fat. So, you will not achieve the expected result”, she explains. To be successful in training, it is important to respect the exercises and intensity indicated by a professional in the area.

4. Give up midway

When waiting for the results to arrive in the first few weeks, many are frustrated and soon lower the frequency of exercises, losing consistency in physical activities. This also sends a bad message to the body, says Ferreira.

“Loss of constancy destroys the body’s intention, which is preparing for fat loss, leaving much to be desired in terms of more solid results”, explains the personal trainer. The indication is to do exercises frequently, mixing weight training and aerobics.

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