CSBD 2022: Rediscovering skin repair with biotic pre and post

CSBD 2022: Rediscovering skin repair with biotic pre and post

The importance of the skin barrier was a topic widely discussed throughout the Brazilian Congress of Dermatology (CSBD 2022). A symposium featured Drs. Daniela Pimentel and Flávia Ravelli, in addition to Dr. Marco Rocha, and discussed how the skin barrier is no longer seen only as a physical barrier, but a physical, chemical, immunological and microbial barrier and on the importance of skin barrier repair in dermatological routine and post-procedure.

Sensitized skin has a thinner stratum corneum, changes in pH, less lipids, changes in corneodesmosomes and decreases in microbiota variability – which reinforces the importance of choosing a repair product that acts on multiple fronts, restoring the integrity of the barrier. skin, reestablishing the skin’s microbiota and modulating the inflammatory process.

The habit of moisturizing the skin improves the barrier function, maintains the physiological pH, replenishes the lipids of the stratum corneum, recovers and diversifies the microbiome, has an anti-inflammatory action, in addition to capturing and retaining water in the skin.

The use of post-procedure healing agents reduces adverse events such as dehydration, persistent erythema, dermatitis, infections, depigmentation, unsightly scars and acneiform eruption. A very interesting finding is the anti-inflammatory role of niacinamide, modulating the exaggerated production of IL-12, TNF-a and IL-1, which reduces the risk of acneiform eruption.

A product that combines the hygroscopicity of D-panthenol with the anti-inflammatory activity of niacinamide and bisabolol, with the antioxidant effect of vitamin E, contributes greatly to the skin repair process. Furthermore, the combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid promotes proliferation and differentiation of epidermal keratinocytes, increased ceramide synthesis and interaction with binding proteins, leading to tissue hydration and regeneration. Acting by regulating the microbiome is a current differential, which is reinforced with metagenomic analysis that reveals the post biotic effect of the use of prebiotics such as alpha glucan, with an increase in lactic acid and some short-chain fatty acids, which clinically has a humectant action. and anti-inflammatory.

The combination of healing agents, antioxidants and humectants allied to the post biotic action is useful in dermatological therapy, post-procedure care, in the reduction of adverse events related to oral isotretinoin and in the management of irritative dermatitis, for example.

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