5 Galaxy Buds2 Pro news you need to know

5 Galaxy Buds2 Pro news you need to know

More comfortable, more powerful sound and even better active noise cancellation; check out the news of the new wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless headphones, which recently arrived in Brazil, will take your sound experience to a new level thanks to high-fidelity sound, improved smart audio functions and an even more comfortable fit.

Learn more about these wireless headphones, which adapt to the most diverse lifestyles of people, in this list that Samsung has prepared:

1. Detailed audio

The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones deliver the most immersive wireless audio experience in the entire Galaxy Buds portfolio. With them, you’ll listen to your favorite albums and podcasts with high dynamic range and crystal-clear resolution thanks to 24-bit Hi-Fi audio1.

Hear the most subtle melodies and harmonies while staying connected to your favorite content while the sound is transferred in high quality to the new dual coaxial speaker that makes what you hear even better.

2. Powerful noise canceling

Galaxy Buds2 Pro lets people step into their own world while staying connected to their lives. This is made possible by the powerful ANC (Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation)2 in these headphones, which eliminates external noise.

The Buds2 Pro’s ANC has been improved by 40% compared to the previous model. This ensures you only hear what you want to hear while canceling out unnecessary noise. Thanks to the improvement in ANC, the Buds2 Pro really is able to help in many aspects of your daily life.

With ANC enabled, you’ll be able to achieve the immersion you need in everyday life, whether you’re enjoying your favorite music or attending an important work meeting with focus and without external distractions. With this feature, you stay connected and tuned wherever you are.

3. Improved comfort

The new Buds2 Pro are designed with a compact and ergonomic design for comfort even during prolonged use. They are 15% smaller3 than the previous model and feature a secure fit to prevent rotation.

There are also improvements that allow air to move more efficiently through the headphones while maintaining clarity of sound – all in the name of maximum comfort, so your focus is on your favorite media or an important audio call.

All this comfort-focused technology makes the Buds2 Pro the perfect fitness companion – you’ll be able to run and exercise while listening to crystal-clear, high-quality sound without worrying about the earbuds slipping out of your ear.

4. Auto Switch

And you can even switch what you hear on your Galaxy Buds2 Pro with just one tap thanks to Auto Switch. For example, imagine you are focused on a game on your Galaxy Z Fold4 5G4 5 and you receive a call. One tap on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro fitted to your ear changes the game sound to the call.

You can also switch the sound between devices. You can change the sound from your Z Flip4 5G4 5 to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G5, or even your favorite show on a Samsung TV6.

5. Sustainability

Galaxy Buds2 Pro is made with over 90% recycled materials7. This is thanks to the Galaxy for the Planet initiative, which incorporates recycled materials, such as fishing nets that would otherwise be discarded in the ocean, to create parts and important components of Galaxy devices.

Samsung is proud of this initiative that aims to continuously incorporate recycled plastics and create new materials in partnership with leading sustainability partners in Galaxy devices.

This list reinforces the Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s capabilities and shows how it has become a must-have accessory for anyone looking for premium audio experiences that fit every lifestyle. Learn more about the Galaxy Buds2 Pro on Samsung’s official website.

1 Samsung Galaxy device with One UI 4.0 or higher is required. Buds2 Pro supports playing content recorded with 24-bit Hi-Fi feature, however the availability of audio-visual content containing 24-bit Hi-Fi feature will depend on contracting from the service platform that offers this type of content.

2 Cancellation improved by 40% compared to Galaxy Buds Pro (Average 50~1kHz).

3 Compared to the dimensions of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

4 You may notice a crease in the center of the main screen. This is a natural feature of the smartphone.

5 Enabled for 5G technology. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier and user environment. Check with your carrier for availability and details. Download and streaming speeds may vary depending on the content provider, server connection and other factors.

6 Auto Switch function for Samsung TVs is only available on Samsung TVs released in February 2022 or later and after receiving the firmware update released in July 2022.

7 More than 90% of all plastic components in the Galaxy Buds2 Pro by weight are made from recycled materials. 29 grams of plastics are used in the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in total, and it includes over 27 grams of recycled materials. Each of these components contains at least 20% discarded fishing nets (ocean plastic) or post-consumer materials. Recycled fishing nets are used in three internal components and eight external components.

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