Water, cold, semen and cell phone: it seems absurd, but there is an allergy to this and more

Water, cold, semen and cell phone: it seems absurd, but there is an allergy to this and more

Allergy happens when our body’s defense system overreacts to certain substances that, although well supported by most individuals, are seen as “enemies” for some organisms.

Dust, mold, pollen, pet dander and certain foods such as shrimp, nuts and wheat are the main causes of allergies. But there is a very small portion of the population whose organism cannot tolerate even more trivial things, such as water, heat and cold.

running away from the water

the urticaria aquagenic It is quite rare and mainly affects women during or after puberty. The problem is that, until now, it is not known for sure what triggers this type of reaction.

Some research shows that when water comes into contact with the outermost layer of the skin, toxic compounds are released that lead to an immune reaction.

In 2016, Rachel Warwinck, a 26-year-old British woman at the time, rose to prominence in the media because of her unusual allergy to water. In addition to bathing, Rachel suffered from sweat, tears, and even when she drank water. Contact with the liquid triggered a reaction in the British woman’s skin leaving her blistered, irritated and red.

Another young woman caught the world’s attention for having this type of rare disease. 15-year-old Abigail Beck lives in the US, and just like Rachel, if you cry, drink water, or shower regularly, extremely painful rashes appear on your skin. Despite having symptoms for three years, the teenager was only diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria in April 2022.

running from the cold

Another very rare type of allergy is cold urticaria. People who have this type of condition, when exposed to low temperatures, even in small amounts, in liquid or solid form, such as icy objects, experience itching, chills, headache and even fever.

There are cases in which the person is allergic to the cold of the toilet, when sitting, to air conditioning and even to ice cream and cold drinks. It can also happen that the reaction happens when a person is running and feels the wind hit, for example.

Shoo, physical exercise

It seems like a lie, but there really are people who are allergic to physical exercises, and may even have an anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction that can kill).

The symptoms of this type of allergy are: itching, feeling of general heat, welts and swelling on the skin. They usually manifest between two and 30 minutes after performing the activities.

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In addition to the possibility of increasing the chances of developing certain types of cancer, excessive use of the device can cause so-called “cell dermatitis”, which mainly affects the ears, cheeks and fingertips, leaving the areas red and irritated.

The allergy is related to the presence of nickel, a metal used in the composition of some cell phones and other products, such as watches and jewelry.

vibratory stimulus

It seems unlikely, but riding a motorcycle or just using a lawn mower can be enough to trigger an allergic reaction. It appears minutes after stimulation and can remain for up to half an hour. The few known cases indicate that this type of allergy is hereditary.


Seminal fluid allergy is a rare and little-known disorder. Therefore, be aware of the symptoms: itching in the vagina and redness, which appear immediately after sex, most of them in the first 30 minutes. To avoid this type of allergy is very easy, just use condoms.

Sun light

Known as solar urticaria, exposure to sunlight causes sores on the body of those who suffer from sensitivity. Usually, the reaction appears soon after exposure, but in rare cases it can manifest up to 72 hours after “sunbathing”.

Source: Alexandra Sayuri Watanabe, director of ASBAI (Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology)

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