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Foods and exercise that improve mood and libido

posted on 07/09/2022 13:05

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On September 6th, Sex Day is celebrated. The date is marked by promoting discussions and touching on subjects, many of them considered taboo, especially when they concern the sexual life of women. With the objective of promoting health and well-being, with a focus on the female audience, nutritionist Fernanda Larralde, a partner of Bio Mundo, a network of healthy and natural food franchises, brings some food and exercise tips to increase libido and improve sexual performance.

What is libido?

But, before going to the tips, it is important to understand some concepts. According to Fernanda Larralde, libido is “the sexual desire and energy that people have when they feel attracted to someone”.

There are several factors that influence this desire, such as physical, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, environmental and behavioral.

“Libido comes from a body chemistry that occurs through metabolism, and this is the set of chemical reactions that will tell if the organism will function more or less efficiently. The main source of the chemical elements that will determine this metabolism is food”, explains the nutritionist.

Top foods that increase libido and/or willingness for sex

Fernanda Larralde says that there are foods that provide crucial nutrients for the chemistry of the libido, when talking about the physiological factor, and she gives some examples:

1 – Seafood

“A lot is said about the oyster being an aphrodisiac food, because it contains zinc and, like other seafood, has important minerals. They are protein sources that help in sexual disposition and in the production of hormones such as testosterone, which is a typically male hormone, but women also produce less and it is very important when the focus is on sexual desire”.

2 – Watermelon

“It has a substance called citrulline, a vasodilator responsible for increasing blood flow in the genital region, both in the penis, vulva and clitoris of women, favoring the improvement of libido”.

3 – Papaya

“It contains phytoestrogens, which stimulate the production of estrogen. It improves female hormone production and, as it is a sex hormone, it also improves libido.”

4 – Chocolate

“It contains a nutrient called tryptophan, a very important amino acid for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for well-being and relaxation, which greatly influences sexual arousal.”

5 – Honey

“Rich in B vitamins, necessary for the production of sex hormones”.

6 – Pepper

“Known for being a phallic reference, having a more sensual touch and for being something spicy. It increases the heart rate, has a vasodilator function that, like watermelon, increases the flow in the genital region, which can promote pleasure during sex. “

On the other hand, Fernanda Larralde reinforces that there are foods that harm libido, such as ultra-processed foods. “They contain chemical additives, such as artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, saturated and trans fats, among other elements that promote inflammation in the body, causing metabolism to be impaired. Thus, if the man or woman habitually consumes ultra-processed foods, their body will be more inflamed and, consequently, a more weakened chemistry, which will directly and negatively affect the libido”.

Physical exercises are allies of sexual performance

In addition to diet, physical exercises are great allies for better sexual performance: “When we talk about improving mood, all types of exercise are very welcome, but those that promote the improvement of cardiorespiratory capacity greatly influence libido, such as: running with longer distances, such as five or 10 kilometers, cycling also over slightly longer distances or higher difficulty levels, end up improving cardiorespiratory capacity. Consequently, they increase the mood for sex, libido and blood flow, in addition to improving resistance, a very important point”, says the nutritionist.

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