We tried to change a gas contract to the regulated market: over the phone it was an adventure (laughs), live it was much better

We tried to change a gas contract to the regulated market: over the phone it was an adventure (laughs), live it was much better

The decree-law allowing the change has already been published – so you no longer have to wait until October 1st to change your gas contract to the regulated market. And that’s exactly what CNN Portugal was trying to do

“Dear customer, the exceptional regime scheduled to enter into force from October 1st and which will allow contracting in the regulated market for the supply of natural gas awaits publication of legislation containing the rules applicable to said supply. if the conditions that are currently legally provided for.”

Between 4:20 pm and 5:15 pm this Wednesday, this was the outdated message we were hearing on call after call. It made me smile instead of despair. Can we talk to anyone? Yes and no. Of the 12 retailers of last resort (CUR), only two – Tagusgás (Santarém) and Transgás (Lisbon) – were served by an employee. However, that same employee forwarded the call to another number that, surprisingly, had the same auto attendant as everyone else.

In each of the calls, CNN Portugal waited five minutes. But without success. When we contacted Galp’s suppliers, we even heard the following message: “Hello, welcome to Mundo Galp. Today is a good day to talk to us”. But the truth is, we can’t talk to anyone to ask for information.

live: best

Like any customer willing to join the regulated gas market, we went to the Loja do Cidadão de Marvila, located in the Pingo Doce shopping center in Lisbon, where one of the 12 suppliers of last resort is located. Upon arrival, we found the classic citizen’s store with the typical ticket system, but the expectation of the usual long wait was overtaken by about five minutes: after collecting the ticket for the “Gas Distribution” section, we were called to counter 2.

Here we were told that only three requirements are needed in order to change the gas supply to the regulated market: the presence of the signatory of the contract, the citizen’s card of the same and an updated gas bill (you can see a guide HERE with all the details on how to change the contract).

This applies to customers who are Galp or any other supplier. The process does not incur any cost and until the change takes effect it should take about three weeks, which may vary depending on the previous contract.

At the farewell, after the explanation that did not take more than 10 minutes, we asked in which establishments the changes could be made and they replied that in any “Galp store” – with the warning that at the brand’s gas stations it would not be possible to . And this is where the process gets a little confusing. From Marvila we went to Gare do Oriente, a place with easy access for most people in Lisbon and where within a short radius of action we could go to three different establishments listed in the “Electricity and Natural Gas Stores” section on Galp’s website: the one at Gare Oriente, the Worten mobile store in the Vasco da Gama shopping center and the Galp Tangerina gas station opposite the Gare do Oriente bus station.

We started the journey at the Worten mobile store, where we were quickly informed that in that establishment it would be impossible to make the contractual change – we were directed to the Gare Oriente store, which looks more like a cafe, and in which it was also impossible to even talk about gas amid the hustle and bustle of professionals who were trying to distribute croissants, milkshakes and coffees to the customers who had already gathered in the considerable queue. The security guard then advised us to go to the Galp Tangerina gas station across the street, where “there was a counter” for this type of issue. Something that came to be confirmed, despite being told that it would be impossible to carry out such an operation at a gas station.

Faced with the confusion, we contacted Galp in an attempt to understand which establishments can change the gas contract to the regular market – we are waiting for the list to be sent to us.

These are the 12 CUR that CNN Portugal contacted: Beiragás – Companhia de Gás das Beiras, SA; Dianagás – Natural Gas Distributor Society of Évora, SA; Duriensegás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Douro, SA; EDP ​​Gás Serviço Universal, SA – Porto; Lisboagás Comercialização, SA; Lusitaniagás Comercialização, SA; Medigás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Algarve, SA; Paxgás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural de Beja, SA; Setgás Comercialização, SA; Sonorgás – Sociedade de Gás do Norte, SA; Tagusgás – Vale do Tejo Gas Company, SA – Santarém; Transgás, SA – Lisbon.

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