Monkeypox may trigger seizures, scientists say

Monkeypox may trigger seizures, scientists say

UK scientists say that patients infected with the monkeypox virus, monkeypox, can develop brain inflammation after recovering from the disease. The condition causes mental confusion and even seizures. The study was published in The Lancet on Thursday (8/9).

According to scientists at University College London, the presence of encephalitis (inflammation in the brain) in monkeypox-affected patients has been identified in enough cases to be considered a “well-founded concern” for health. The researchers analyzed the medical history of 1,500 patients infected with monkeypox and brain complications occur in about 3% of cases.

“We found severe neurological complications like encephalitis and seizures; although they are rare, we have noticed that they occur more frequently in patients who have contracted monkeypox (than in the general population), which is worrying.” .

The group of researchers also listed muscle pain, fatigue, headache, anxiety and depression as common symptoms in individuals afflicted with monkeypox.

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According to the scientists, among the patients analyzed, 2.7% had at least one seizure episode, 2.4% had mental confusion and 2% developed encephalitis, which can lead to muscle paralysis, speech and hearing difficulties and episodes of epilepsy. .

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