Smart Monitor M8 arrives in Brazil with 32 inches and removable magnetic camera

Smart Monitor M8 arrives in Brazil with 32 inches and removable magnetic camera

Samsung today launched in Brazil its new Smart Monitor M8, which has a respectable size, 32 inches, but which also has many features for productivity and leisure. This 4K monitor has its own operating system (Tizen), and also has built-in microphones, camera and speakers.


Thus, it does not need other devices, and it can solve everything by itself, but if you need to connect another device, you can do it simply and quickly, after all it is a device from the Smart Monitor line.

The device was announced earlier this year at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and went on sale abroad in March of this year.

Smart Monitor M8 can be used even without a computer or device connected / Photo: Olhar Digital

I’ve been testing the monitor since last Monday to do our review, and I must say that even turned off, it draws attention with its beautiful minimalist look. It has two versions, white, which we are testing, and pink.

It is worth mentioning that I have already tested the 24-inch Smart Monitor M5, and approved the experience, and I also recently evaluated its 27-inch version (the review of the latter will be out soon), but the M8 has a very different design in relation to the another two, which look like more conventional monitors.

Smart Monitor M8 has a really big screen

At 32 inches, the screen of the Smart Monitor M8 is perfect for using the multitasking features of Windows and other systems of the devices connected to it. So using this monitor can really increase our productivity, as I realized this week.

Its UHD resolution allows you to split the screen into 2 parts and use both apps (or browser windows) simultaneously. In fact, it’s so big that I divided the screen into three or four parts, and even then the available area in each was already bigger than the original screen of my notebook.

The Smart Monitor M8 is very thin, as if it were a TV and not a monitor, at just 11.4mm thick. It is available in two colors, white and pink, which for me, add to the feeling of it being a Smart TV, something it is also, but not only.

It is worth mentioning that its refresh rate is the same as the other models of the Smart Monitor line that I tested, 60Hz, which is not ideal for games, even if it has the Samsung Gaming Hub.

Magnetic camera can be removed

Its SlimFit camera, as the name says, is very thin, so it can be used even with the monitor very close to the wall. In addition, it is magnetic, and can be easily fitted and then removed by magnetic pins.

This camera is critical to several features of the Smart Monitor M8, such as its face tracking. It also has auto-zoom to keep the user centered at all times, and auto-focus to keep your image always sharp.

Its remote has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, in addition to the company’s own Samsung TV Plus service. This controller does not need a battery as it is charged via a USB-C cable.

Far Field Microphone turns your monitor into a digital assistant

With its Far Field Voice microphone, the Smart Monitor M8 can be used as a Bixby or Amazon Alexa digital assistant. So the M8 can respond to your voice commands from virtually any corner of the room. It was quite interesting to use Alexa on a device of this size, but I enjoyed the experience.

In addition, its built-in speakers offer good quality 2.2-channel sound. In my testing week, I could already see (or hear) that it’s really good to watch a movie or a series with the M8.

As it is compatible with the Workspace feature and Microsoft 365, it can be used to work even without a computer. In addition, it also easily connects to your Galaxy smartphone via Dex, or iPhone via AirPlay.

Smart Monitor M8 price in Brazil

In Brazil, the Smart Monitor M8 will cost R$4,649, and it can now be purchased on the Samsung website. Soon we will post our full review of it.

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