Find out how the Business Health Plan works

Find out how the Business Health Plan works

Many professionals began to realize that they could save on taxes, in addition to increasing their possibilities of providing service, no longer for an employer, but now for one or more clients.

It is in this scenario that the PME health plan, more democratic and competitive, is established and facilitates the entrepreneur’s life. The purpose of this content is to show how the business health plan is bringing security and tranquility to liberal professionals, micro and small entrepreneurs.

How does the corporate health plan work?

In fact, the PME size I health plan (business, or health plan for companies) is nothing more than an adequate version of the original plans, focusing on small entrepreneurs. The plan is aimed at small companies with a low number of employees. In most cases, health operators offer plans for small businesses from 2 (two) lives.

In the case of an individual company (ME or EPP) or MEI (Individual microentrepreneur) it still becomes more advantageous than having an individual plan. Furthermore, in some cases according to the plan, it is possible – legally – to include family members in the PME plan, because there is no restriction on using the company’s CNPJ for family members, such as children, father and mother, for example.

Nowadays, most of the contracts made on behalf of a legal entity are precisely for this public or for those who have up to three employees. Another important point is that, in many cases, the rules for inclusion are more flexible and can be negotiated with the operators. In addition, for Small and Micro Enterprises, the values ​​are usually lower.

How to buy a corporate health plan?

As a rule, little changes from one operator to another, but it is important to be aware of values, coverage, shortages and everything else that involves the health plan.

In the case of MEIs or individual companies, as we know, it is allowed to operate with only one registered employee, which would not fit the requirement of at least two lives, one of the requirements of health plan operators. As a result, these types of companies – under the Simples Nacional regime – end up organizing with family members in the plan.

A health plan for professionals

It is important to emphasize that this movement of the PME health plan was largely due to the profusion of liberal professionals working in their profession as PJ, who began to be discovered by the health plans that they might have as employees governed by the CLT.

It was necessary to find a solution that would serve this public and deliver security and a fair price for micro and small entrepreneurs – many of them a one-person company.

Business health plan benefits

The main benefits of the corporate health plan are:

1. Lower cost than the individual plan

PJ health plan costs usually have adequate values ​​for micro and small businesses, enabling savings for the entrepreneur.

2. A consistent option, integrated with the CNPJ

Having an SME health plan, integrated with the CNPJ, in addition to allowing a closer monitoring, denotes a great seriousness and responsibility of the company towards its employees and partners. In addition, the PJ health plan, when incorporated into the company’s accounting, allows benefits in the declaration and possible refund of the IRPF of the partners.

3. Alternative to the public health service (SUS)

As we know, the SUS (Unified Health System) has limited structure and investments. This results in waiting time for procedures and queries, which in many cases can be a problem for the user.

Why is business health insurance cheaper?

In general terms, a business plan has a lower value than a similar one contracted individually – as an individual.

In addition, as with any large-scale business, it is also possible to achieve more attractive values ​​​​according to the number of people who are part of the plan contracting.

As we said earlier, the business health plan is acquired from a CNPJ. Whether MEI, small, medium or large company, the National Register of Legal Entities can be used in collective business contracts. As each case is different, it is important to check the rules applicable to your scenario.

MEI x conventional business health plan: differences

There are no major differences between the general business plan for micro and small companies and the MEI plan. To hire, the MEI must have the MEI registration regularized and the monthly contributions up to date.

How to simulate the value of a business health plan: the Contabilizei example

There are many business health plan simulators available from health operators and brokers. However, it is important to keep in mind all the details that are part of this hiring so as not to put yourself in a difficult situation with your CNPJ.

One option that brings many advantages to those who are micro or small entrepreneurs is to use the exclusive service for Contabilizei customers. The main advantage lies in a specialized consultancy to choose the ideal plan for your company and follow-up through the contracted accounting service, ensuring tranquility in the operation and proper use of the plan.

And when hiring Contabilizei, in addition to consulting for the business health plan and opening the CNPJ without service cost, the entrepreneur can have a wide range of high added value services included, such as: PJ account integrated with accounting, billing solutions and payments, issuing invoices directly on the platform, among others.

Get to know Contabilizei, learn about the advantages of being a PJ, get the best health plan solution and have the true partner of micro and small Brazilian entrepreneurs on your side.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Health Plan?

The PME (corporate) health plan is the health plan contracted in a group and administered through a CNPJ. Currently, business health plans can be contracted by all types of companies, including MEI, micro and small.

How does the Business Health Plan work?

The business health plan – is the agreement acquired from a CNPJ. Whether MEI, small, medium or large company, the National Register of Legal Entities can be used in collective business contracts. As each case is different, it is important to check the rules applicable to your scenario.

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