Dori, Seguros Unimed and Sebrae RN are 'Amazing Places to Work'

Dori, Seguros Unimed and Sebrae RN are ‘Amazing Places to Work’

Dori Alimentos, Seguros Unimed and Sebrae RN are the big winners of the third edition of the Incredible Places to Work Award (LIPT) 2022, broadcast by UOL last Friday, September 9. The award recognized Brazilian companies with the best HR practices and organizational climate in the country, according to the exclusive FIA ​​survey. Employee Experience – FEExcarried out by the Administration Institute Foundation (FIA).

Dori Alimentos was selected as the “Most Incredible Place to Work” in the category of large companies (over 1,500 employees), Seguros Unimed took the title among medium-sized companies (from 301 to 1,500 employees) and Sebrae RN stood out among small businesses (up to 300 people).

Pedro Lobo da Silva, CEO of Dori Alimentos, celebrated the title in the large category: “The Incredible Places to Work Award has contributed a lot to the growth and maturation of our teams and leaders. thousand employees are all connected and vibrating right now.”

Awarded as the Most Incredible Place to Work among medium-sized companies, Seguros Unimed also won in the Insurance sector and was highlighted as the “Most Incredible in Innovation and Autonomy”. Erilayne Lobo de Melo, Organizational Development Manager at Seguros Unimed, commented: “For the second year running, we have achieved the first position and it is nice to remember that, compared to last year, our results have improved. So, this award belongs to all of us at Seguros Unimed.”

Representing the great winners of 2022 (from left to right): José Ferreira Melo Neto (Sebrae RN), Erilayne Lobo de Melo (Seguros Unimed) and Pedro Lobo da Silva (Dori Alimentos).

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Among small companies, the champion was Sebrae RN, which also won in the Education sector. “An incredible place to work is a place where you are happy”, said José Ferreira Melo Neto, superintendent of Sebrae RN, who highlighted his pride in witnessing the institution’s recognition. “When people do what they love, are motivated and have the opportunity to be creative, they wear the shirt naturally.”

Awards’ ceremony

The trophies of the Incredible Places to Work Award were delivered during a live online ceremony, presented on the UOL Channel by journalist Fabíola Cidral.

Special guest, UOL columnist, LinkedIn Top Voice and specialist in new management models and the future of work, Alexandre Pellaes highlighted the three most striking changes in the job market in recent years, intensified and accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic: “The first concerns the meaning of work for individuals: if historically it has always been a place of sustenance, financial achievement and material milestones, now we start talking about purpose, connection, meaning and the expression of who we are”, he ponders.

“The second big change is the leadership style. For a long time, leadership was a status, a place within the organizational ladder where we arrived because it was the next step. Today it is clear that leadership is not an attribute of a position or a person, but of a relationship”, adds the columnist.

Pellaes concludes by explaining that “the third major factor is the change in policies, processes and purposes. A company’s reason for existing is no longer just to maximize shareholder return. Every company will only be successful if it is recognized as a development platform of people and building a social legacy.”

On the importance of the Incredible Places to Work Award, Pellaes said: “The award identifies best practices and encourages other organizations to promote change. It shows what is already being done and that this movement has no turning back: it is an evolution of our awareness of the role of work in our lives. Today, careers are more flexible so that we can express who we really are, and organizations need to better understand their role in human development.”

Joel Dutra, coordinator of the postgraduate and MBA course in people leadership at FIA and Lina Nakata, technical coordinator at FEEx, also participated in the broadcast.

Dutra highlighted the role of research in improving people management in the country, offering companies a thermometer so that they can compare themselves in the market and listen to their employees.

On the importance of the Incredible Places to Work Award in the context of changes in the job market, he commented: “In 2020 we had already realized that we would not return to the new normal. It’s new and that’s what’s happening. People are looking to meet, so are organizations and we have many paths in terms of people management. That’s why FEEx is so relevant to the moment we live in Brazil and in the world.”

Main names of FEEx

LIPT 2022 Trophies - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

LIPT 2022 Trophies

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

In addition to the main award, in the small, medium and large categories, companies also stood out in 19 sectors of activity: Agribusiness (Aperam Bioenergia), Food and Beverages (Bem Brasil), Banks (Itaú Unibanco), Commerce (Brasal Combustíveis) , Consulting and Auditing (STATUM Geotechnics), Education (Sebrae RN), Energy (AES Brasil), Engineering (MPD), Pharmaceuticals (Ourofino), Various Industries (Kordsa), Mining and Steel (Samarco), Chemical and Petrochemical (Lanxess) , Sanitation (Águas Guariroba), Insurance Companies (Seguros Unimed), Health (Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica), Services (EPPO Cidades Inteligentes), Financial Services (Sicoob Crediriodoce), Technology and Computing (TecnoSpeed) and Transport and Logistics (Localiza).

Companies that stood out in the categories “Career” (Águas Guariroba), “Leadership” (Intelbras), “CEO” (Localiza), “Inclusion LGBTQIA+” (Cobmax), “Racial Respect” (Grupo Cataratas), “Equity of Gender” (Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica), “Corporate Education” (Kordsa), “ESG” (Lojas Renner), “Innovation and Autonomy” (Seguros Unimed) and “Well-being” (EPPO Cidades Inteligentes)

themed panels

LIPT 2022 - Panel 1 - Mariana Pekin - Mariana Pekin

The opening panel dealt with the theme “From intern to CEO: how a good career plan helps to align expectations and retain talent”.

Image: Mariana Pekin

The 2022 edition of the award live had a novelty: the holding of four thematic panels with representatives of the winning companies, mediated by UOL journalists.

The first dealt with the importance of career plans to align expectations and retain talent. Mediated by journalist Mariana Londres, columnist for UOL in Brasília, he had Themis de Oliveira, CEO of Águas Guariroba, Dione de Quadros Teodoro, executive manager of companies at Intelbras, and Daniel Linhares, executive director of people at Localiza.

LIPT 2022 - Panel 2 - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Second panel, entitled “Including is necessary. More than a different picture, it is necessary to give power to those who think differently”.

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

In the second panel, mediated by Helton Simões Gomes, editor of the UOL Diversity Center, Thamires Souza, diversity and inclusion manager at Cobmax, Caroline Carvalho, supervisor of people, culture and careers at Grupo Cataratas and Mariana Bittar, people manager at Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica discussed the importance of having a diverse workforce in companies and taking this issue to the forefront.

LIPT 2022 - Panel 3 - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Panelists 3 discussed “The future of employment: what are the challenges that companies and employees must face and how to prepare for them.”

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Mediated by Alexandre Pellaes, Isa Castro Pinheiro, human relations manager at Kordsa, Fernada Assis Brasil, senior HR manager at Lojas Renner, Erilayne Lobo de Melo, organizational development manager at Seguros Unimed, and Rodrigo Cristiano Ventre, executive director at EPPO Smart Cities talked about trends and challenges in building the future of healthy work.

The focus of the final panel, which included representatives from the three companies considered Amazing Places to Work in the small, medium and large categories, was how to build an incredible place to work in the inhospitable national business environment.

LIPT 2022 - Panel 4 - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

The theme of the final panel was “Desafio Brasil: how to build an amazing place to work in the inhospitable national business environment”.

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

José Ferreira Melo Neto, superintendent of Sebrae RN, Erilayne Lobo de Melo, manager of organizational development at Seguros Unimed, and Pedro Lobo da Silva, CEO of Dori Alimentos, mediated by Fabíola Cidral, also commented on important issues raised by FEEx, such as the increase in of personal indebtedness and friendships in the work environment.


The organizations that won the Amazing Places to Work Award 2022 were defined based on the FIA ​​Employee Experience (FEEx) survey, in which 188,000 employees from more than 400 companies participated anonymously – of these, 140 achieved enough points to be considered amazing places to work.

The FIA ​​Employee Experience index – grade received by each company – is composed of criteria with different weights: 60% correspond to the organizational research index, calculated from questionnaires completed by employees, 30% to the people management index, which considers the set of HR practices, 5% to the leadership index, which assesses, among other things, coherence, feedback and leadership style of managers, according to employees, and 5% to the CEO index, which takes into account popularity, management quality and level of trust conveyed to employees by the company’s chief executive.

Want to see your company among the winners of LIPT 2023? Applications will be open on the FIA ​​Employee Experience – FEEx website in October 2022.

The Incredible Places to Work Award (LIPT) is an initiative by UOL and Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) that highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of employee satisfaction based on the FIA ​​Employee Experience (FEEx) survey.

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