Municipalities in the region mobilize to expand vaccination against polio

Municipalities in the region mobilize to expand vaccination against polio

In the country, less than half of children of vaccination age received the vaccine against polio. The goal is to immunize 95% of a total of 14.3 million children. The number includes children up to one year old (2.7 million), who must receive the basic scheme vaccines, and children from one to four years old (11.5 million), who receive the popular droplet.

Extended polio vaccination

Photo: Marcos Lopes/Ministry of Health

The low demand for vaccination against polio caused the Ministry of Health to extend the vaccination campaign until September 30th. Only 41.27% of children in the target audience had received the droplet vaccine against polio, according to the Ministry of Health.

Since 1994, Brazil has been considered a polio-free country. However, with low vaccine adherence, doctors warn of the risks of the disease returning. The alert is also motivated by the registration of new cases abroad, in countries such as the United States and Israel.

The report by Jornal NH carried out a survey on the situation of vaccination coverage in nine cities in the region, based on data from the Ministry of Health, consulted on Monday afternoon (12). The difference in vaccination coverage between them is enormous.

At the top of the list is the municipality of Campo Bom, with 81.08% coverage. At the other extreme, Taquara and Igrejinha with less than 24%. In Novo Hamburgo, 30.09% of the target audience was vaccinated. To advance in vaccination, some municipalities, such as Estância Velha, Parobé and Campo Bom, are taking the vaccines to children in public and private schools.

Campo Bom advances

Among the municipalities surveyed by the report, Campo Bom is the one with the highest coverage, with 80.9%. In addition to the application of the immunizer in schools, the city hall has kept health units open every Saturday, during the campaign, to facilitate access for the population.

“We had a scenario that was not satisfactory, with half of the children’s public vaccinated. So we took a more purposeful action: we put vaccination teams in schools, at the start time, so that parents were together, in addition to always leaving some units of health services opened on Saturday. The result of the effort was a jump to more than 80% of vaccination coverage, a number that we are still working to increase”, says Mayor Luciano Orsi.

“The vaccine is the way we have to protect our children from poliomyelitis; a serious disease that causes infantile paralysis. Just vaccinating is an act of care”, says the Secretary of Health, Suzana Ambros Pereira.

Saturdays to update the vaccination booklet

In Novo Hamburgo, the population has one more option to update their vaccination schedule. Throughout the month of September, Casa Vacina will open on Saturdays, the 10th, 17th and 24th. Opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm.

There will be specific rooms for routine vaccines, for the Covid-19 vaccine and also for the flu. For the vaccination of children and adolescents, parents or guardians must bring an identification document and the vaccination booklet. The unit is located on Avenida Cel. Frederico Linck, nº 900, in the Rio Branco neighborhood

The Health Secretary of Novo Hamburgo, Marcelo Reidel, points out that the city makes an effort to vaccinate, going to schools and expanding the service at Casa da Vacina, for the application of the immunizing agent against poliomyelitis and other vaccines.

“We urge parents who have children between the ages of 2 months and 14 years to take them to the nearest health unit to update their vaccination booklet. We need to protect our most important asset, which is our children”, reinforces Reidel.

Vaccination coverage in the region (VOP)

Campo Bom – 81.08% (2,653 children aged 1 to 4 years vaccinated out of 3,272)
Ivoti – 65.8% (685 out of 1,041)
Sapiranga – 54.08% (2520 of 4659)
Dois Irmãos – 53.56% (811 out of 1,514)
Estância Velha – 51.62% (1,252 out of 2,425)
Parobé – 33.46% (3,380 out of 1,131)
Novo Hamburgo – 30.09% (3,627 out of 12,053)
São Leopoldo – 27.04% (3,399 out of 12,566)
Taquara – 23.98% (684 out of 2,852)
Little Church – 23.89% (499 out of 2,088)

Rio Grande do Sul – 48.34% (267,761 out of 553,814)
Brazil – 41.27% (4,764,388 out of 11,572,563)

*Source: Ministry of Health

Who should get vaccinated

According to the Ministry of Health, the target audience is children under five years of age. Children under one year of age must be immunized according to the vaccination status for the primary schedule. The primary regimen consists of the application of three doses of Inactivated Poliomyelitis Vaccine (IPV).

Children from 1 to 4 years old who already have the basic regimen should take a dose of the Oral Poliomyelitis Vaccine (VOP), the popular droplet. Together the two groups are 14.3 million children.

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