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PMJP reinforces guidance on Monkeypox

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Better known as monkeypox, Monkeypox is a viral disease whose transmission between humans occurs mainly through direct or indirect contact with blood, body fluids and skin lesions.

To maintain control of the virus and prevent the spread of the disease, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of João Pessoa reinforces the guidelines to the population of the Capital on prevention and where to seek care in case of suspected contagion.

According to health authorities, Monkeypox has the most common symptoms: fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, adenomegaly, chills, exhaustion and rash (single or multiple) on any part of the body and penile edema.

In case of having any of these symptoms or having contact with confirmed cases of the disease, the citizen should seek medical attention, first, at the Emergency Care Units (UPA) Oceania, Bancários, Valentina and Cruz das Armas.

Upon arriving at a UPA, the patient will be identified in the triage and immediately sent to an isolation sector, in order to avoid greater chances of contact with other patients.

“The protocol consists of an epidemiological analysis of the probable etiology of the current disease, seeking to remedy the differential diagnoses such as chickenpox, measles, herpes, among other pathologies that may present lesions similar to those of Monkeypox”, explained Matheus Agra, physician and general coordinator of the UPAs. of the Municipal Health Network.

He points out that, if the suspicion of Monkeypox persists, the unit contacts Epidemiological Surveillance so that a sample of the lesion is collected and sent for molecular testing (q-PCR).

“If you do not have criteria for hospitalization, the patient will be discharged from the unit, with guidelines on how to proceed and with the medications to take and will be monitored by the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS)”, he highlighted.

In cases where patients require hospitalization, the UPAs refer them to the reference hospital units, which are: Hospital Municipal do Valentina (HMV) for children; Lauro Wanderley University Hospital (HULW) for pregnant women; and Clementino Fraga Hospital Complex, under state administration, for other audiences. All admissions are carried out through regulation.

Prevention – Among the main precautions to be taken to prevent the virus are: avoid intimate or sexual contact with people who have skin lesions; wash your hands frequently and do not share bedding, towels, cutlery, cups and personal objects. The use of masks also contributes to the containment of the virus, as it is spread through the respiratory tract.

According to guidelines from the coordinator of the UPAs, people who live in the same residence as suspected cases should redouble their care.

“Avoid contact with secretions, wear disposable gloves when disposing of the patient’s waste and sanitize your hands with soap and water, giving preference to paper towels to dry them. Whenever possible, the suspected or confirmed case should remain in an area separate from other family members or at least one meter away and sleep in a separate bed,” she advised.

Training – The João Pessoa Health Department has carried out training on Monkeypox to update professionals working in the Municipal Network, with guidance to the care and surveillance network teams regarding the flows and conducts regarding suspected or confirmed cases of the disease.

The purpose is to prepare professionals for a rapid response and thus prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the director of Health Surveillance of João Pessoa, Raquel Moraes, the training minimizes the risks to the population’s health in the identification, collection and correct clinical management of suspected cases.

“During the last few weeks, our team has been committed to providing training to the direct assistance teams of the UPAs and their respective laboratories to deal with possible cases of Monkeypox. In addition to the UPAs, we have been aligning the flow at Valentina’s Hospital, which is the reference for hospitalization of possible cases of children in the municipality”, he said.

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