200,000 have delayed Covid vaccine

200,000 have delayed Covid vaccine

One in three Rio-pretenses has not yet taken the booster doses of vaccines against Covid-19. In all, of the 469,173 residents of Rio Preto, according to population estimates from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 200,277 have not yet taken one of the booster doses against the disease.

Data from the Municipal Health Department show that the highest rate of absentees is in the third dose. Of the 200,000 people who have delayed doses of the vaccine, 52% are on the third dose of the immunizer. Then there are 73,665 absent from the fourth dose and 21,540 from the second dose.

For Michela Dias Barcelos, immunization manager in Rio Preto, the drop in the number of cases of the disease made people lose their fear of the virus. As a result, the false sense of security against Covid-19 has led to a drop in vaccination adherence in the city.

“We are in a moment of falling cases, however, we do not know everything about the disease, we do not know if we will have new waves of contamination. That’s why it’s important that people get vaccinated. As well as routine exams, the vaccine is also a form of prevention”, warned Michela.

In Rio Preto, the highest absentee rates are among children and young adults. “This worries us, because it is an extremely active population. In the case of children, with the start of school enrollment, we will keep an eye out, mainly because students need to have a complete vaccination schedule”.

Completing the vaccination schedule is important to prevent the emergence of new variants of Covid-19 and a possible new increase in cases of the disease.

According to the Butantan Institute, one dose completes the other: in the first, the immune system is stimulated to create antibodies; in the second, the organism is already prepared for that pathogen and develops better and longer lasting antibodies and memory cells.

The third and fourth doses, created as booster doses to the first vaccination schedule, have the importance justified by researchers by the emergence of variants of the coronavirus. That is, the new vaccine formulas were created to protect against virus mutations.

In Brazil, among the immunizers against the disease that are being applied to the population are Coronavac, produced by the Butantan Institute in partnership with Sinovac; AstraZeneca, from the Fiocruz and Oxford partnership; and those produced abroad and purchased by the Ministry of Health: Pfizer and Janssen.

In addition to protecting against serious cases and hospitalization, immunizations against Covid-19 reduce risks of long Covid, which leaves sequels in many of those infected.

Where to be immunized?

All Rio pretenses aged 5 years or older need to check their vaccination card, in order to know which doses they have taken and if they are already able to receive the second, third or fourth dose of immunizations against the coronavirus. The application of vaccines takes place in the health units of the city, from 7:30 am to 3 pm.

In the case of children aged 3 and 4 years, with comorbidities or disabilities, vaccination of the first dose is already taking place in six health units in the city: Central, Vetorazzo, Santo Antônio, Jaguaré, São Deocleciano and Estoril.

Due to the lack of doses of the Coronavac vaccine, vaccination for children aged 3 and 4 years without disabilities and comorbidities has not yet started widely in Rio Preto. But the parents can leave the contact in one of the six health units so that the child receives the immunization with remaining doses.

In Rio Preto, vaccination sites for each age group are available on the City Hall website (link https://www.riopreto.sp.gov.br/vacinacovid/). In other cities in the region, the recommendation is that the resident contact the Municipal Health Department of his/her city. (RC)

Vaccine will be annual

The president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (Sbim), Juarez Cunha, believes that, in the same way as other immunizers, such as the flu vaccine, those against Covid-19 should also be part of the Brazilian annual vaccination calendar.

“The pandemic is not over. What we are observing is that the number of cases is calm, largely thanks to vaccination, especially for the most vulnerable groups,” said Juarez.

Last week, the US government announced a new immunization strategy in the country. Against the new variants of Covid-19, the vaccine was included in the annual immunization schedule of North Americans. The strategy must be intensified, especially before winter in the northern hemisphere, when the chances of transmission of the coronavirus increase.

“Like Ômicron, we will have other variants. Therefore, I believe that we will have to take the vaccine against Covid-19 at least once a year, as with the flu vaccine, because we still don’t have all the answers about the coronavirus”, said Juarez about vaccination against the virus. Covid-19 in Brazil.

The Ministry of Health has not yet defined whether the Covid vaccine will be included in the national annual immunization calendar. (RC)

Vaccination in Rio Preto

Source: Vaccinometer and Health Department of Rio Preto

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