Santa Catarina has an alarming reduction in vaccination rates |  SC Today News

Santa Catarina has an alarming reduction in vaccination rates | SC Today News

The reduction in vaccination rates in Santa Catarina in 2022 is alarming compared to the totals achieved in 2016. The subject was highlighted during a public hearing convened by the Health Commission of the Legislative Assembly for the quarterly accountability of the State Department of Health ( SES).

Polio, which had 92.65% vaccination in 2016, has a current rate of 69.88%. The situation is of similar severity in the case of BCG vaccines (61.25%), rotavirus (69.65%), pentavalent (70.66%), MMR (71.63%), tetravalent 60.81%) and to combat meningitis C (70.94%), pneumonia (72.63%), hepatitis A (67.02%) and yellow fever (59.57%). Six years ago, most of them had rates above 90%.

The Superintendent of Health Planning at SES, Carmen Regina Delziovo, mentioned that Santa Catarina is on the threshold of having new cases of infantile paralysis, a disease that had been eradicated in Brazil since 1994. “The State has available resources for municipalities to expand vaccination and hire teams. But despite this and a statewide informational campaign being run, only 33% of cities reached the 95% vaccinated population mark, which would be ideal coverage,” she lamented.

Superintendent of Health Surveillance, Eduardo Macário, commented that this is one of the most critical moments in the fight against diseases, even with Santa Catarina going through the Covid pandemic. “There is a low coverage of important immunizers, which have been used to eliminate diseases such as measles, rubella, infantile paralysis and diphtheria. The child population is very exposed,” he reported.

In his opinion, one of the reasons is that vaccines are “victims” of their own success. From the vaccinated generations onwards, diseases were eliminated, so there are those who question the need to maintain vaccination “But many diseases still exist in many countries and Brazil has a very large flow of travelers who go there with the risk of bringing diseases”, warned Macário.

Another reason – certainly the most serious – is the existence of the spread of fake news on the Internet and social networks. “If vaccines weren’t applied, we wouldn’t have the quality of life we ​​have, there wouldn’t be a decrease in infant deaths”, assured the superintendent.

Questioned by the Health Commission about tackling the problem, representatives of the Secretariat said that other actions are being put into practice. From the financial resources, for example, there is guidance for the municipalities to apply the values ​​in the maintenance of the vaccination posts working during the weekends.

There is also guidance for keeping the posts open at lunchtime in smaller cities and, in larger cities, to extend vaccination schedules. According to Macário, an obstacle has been occurring in the industrial regions of Santa Catarina. It is difficult for employers to release employees to be vaccinated and to take their children for vaccination. “Cases of infantile paralysis were detected in the United States, where the vaccination rate is 70%, a number very similar to the current status in Santa Catarina, which has regressed a lot in recent years”, he warned.

The members of the Commission were also informed about the State’s investments in the health area. According to the report presented, of the BRL 5,684,995,303.59 made available in the Budget for the State Health Fund, 78.79% (BRL 4,479,267,277.96) was committed. Of this total, R$ 3,377,946,363.03 (75.41%) has already been paid, of which 95.90% has been paid.

From the Santa Catarina Fund for Health Development, of the BRL 817,328.75 foreseen, BRL 811,029.82 (99.23%) were committed, settled and paid BRL 811,029.80 (100%). In addition, in the State Fund to Support Philanthropic Hospitals, Hemosc, Cepon and Municipal Hospitals, the budget allocation was R$ 78,104,114.52, whose commitment reached 73.89% until August, with 72.90% of the total settled and, of this volume, 100% has already been paid.

Source: ALESC Agency

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