Lula wants to increase the volume of resources for the SUS, says ally

Lula wants to increase the volume of resources for the SUS, says ally

In a debate held by Poder360, with IEPS and Umane, Humberto Costa did not, however, detail how to increase funding

Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) said this Friday (16.set.2022) that the spending ceiling led to underfunding of the SUS (Unified Health System) in recent years. According to the congressman, if elected for a 3rd term as president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) will be committed to increasing the volume of resources for public health.

One of the measures defended by the congressman would be to end the ceiling, a rule created in 2016 that limited the growth of public spending by inflation. Costa, however, stated that details and goals will only be discussed by an eventual transitional government.

“We are likely to work with this idea of ​​spending 6% of GDP [Produto Interno Bruto] as a goal. However, as I said, we will discuss in the transition team how to do it and what goals to pursue and achieve. But we are committed to expanding funding for the health area, including the search for new sources”, said.

Costa participated this Friday (September 16) in a debate with representatives of the presidential candidates in 2022 held by the Power 360 in partnership with IEPS (Institute of Studies for Health Policies) and Umane, an independent philanthropic association for health promotion.

In addition to the senator, former secretary of the Ministry of Health Denizar Viana, representing Ciro Gomes (PDT) and former executive secretary of the Ministry of Health João Gabbardo Reis, representing Simone Tebet (MDB) also participated.

Watch the full debate (1h30min10s):

During the debate, Costa emphasized Lula’s commitment to treating health as a priority area and repeated a slogan of the PT candidate. “Health is an investment, not an expense”said.

In addition to the end of the spending ceiling, the senator said that a possible new PT administration will have to negotiate with Congress changes in the Union Budget, which, according to him, has R$ 10 billion in health blocked for next year. This is because resources were reallocated to the so-called rapporteur’s amendments, which have less transparency than the other modalities.

The senator also said that the PT campaign is studying to recreate a program similar to Mais Médicos to encourage health professionals to work in remote or underserved regions. This time, however, hiring foreign professionals will not be the focus.

“We want to resume a type of program similar to Mais Médicos […] that allows fixation through different stimuli to stay in these places. With the review of the professional training process, including the guarantee of the principles of expanding the supply of vacancies with quality and, at the same time, with the guarantee of universal specialization, which was foreseen in most doctors”he explained.

He defended expanding the possibility of action of other professional categories in regions with a lack of doctors. “We have to eliminate certain corporate components that prevent actions that can be performed by some professionals, for example, nurses, from having to be summarized or limited to the doctor’s performance”said.

In addition, Costa said that a digital health system must also be implemented with the aim of supporting both family health teams and the care of populations in remote areas.

Among the priorities of Lula’s campaign for health, according to the senator, is the resumption of the Popular Pharmacy and vaccination programs. “Our goal is to make Brazil return to the levels of vaccination coverage that it already had in the past and that this can be done through articulated actions with states and municipalities, but also in other areas of the government, such as income transfer, so that the people take their children to be vaccinated”, stated.

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