INFARCTION IN WOMEN: see 6 warning signs of heart attack

INFARCTION IN WOMEN: see 6 warning signs of heart attack

At cardiovascular disease in women already surpass the statistics of breast and uterine cancer.

data of World Health Organization (WHO) point out that the heart diseases they account for a third of the deaths of women in the world, with 8.5 million deaths per year, that is, more than 23 thousand per day.

Heart diseases – such as, for example, heart attack – they represent 30% of the causes of death of Brazilian women, mainly over 40 years old. It is the highest rate in Latin America.

In addition, a study based on data from the online platform Cardiovascular Statistics Brazil: 2020from the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), showed that the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is much higher in women between 15 and 49 years and deaths from ischemic diseases such as myocardial infarctionin the youngest.

O myocardial infarction is closely related to atypical symptoms and that the women present more frequently.

The myocardium is a cardiac muscle, the heart wall itself.


The symptoms of female heart attack are usually different from the classic chest pain reported by men. These include nausea, vomiting, back and neck pain, shortness of breath, and indigestion.

Thus, the signs of cardiovascular disease in women can be summarized as a more generic and difficult to diagnose pain, which means that many do not even seek medical help or are not treated correctly.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following signs and symptoms of a heart attack:

  • skin burning
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders, face, jaw
  • Shortness of breathe
  • unusual fatigue
  • Palpitations
  • Nausea, vomiting, indigestion

In addition, female infarction is associated with mental, emotional and psychosomatic stress.

Women are known to have double and even triple journeywhen divided between the work, child care and housework.

This condition raises the stressoften associated with the lack of physical activity, poor diet, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

The prevalence of myocardial infarction in women is increasing. According to a 2021 report by the American Cardiology Association, survival after a heart attack is 8.2 years for men and only 5.5 years for women. They survive less time,” said the teacher. Roxana Mehran.

Cardiovascular diseases are affecting young women – Concord90/Pixabay

The alert was given by roxanawho is director of interventional cardiovascular research and clinical trials at the Zena and Michael A. Weiner Cardiovascular Institute during the 3rd Women of the Heart Symposiumcarried out by the SBC and the American College of Cardiology (ACC).

“In individuals who have a heart attack, the percentage of being recurrent is 17% for men and 21% for women, and they are the young women who need our attention“, he highlighted.


O woman’s heart it is slightly smaller than that of man (about two-thirds the size) and its physiology is somewhat different.

Research has already attested that average heart rates, for example, are faster for women.

They also have thinner coronary arteries and are more likely to suffer from blockages not just in the main arteries, but also in the smaller ones that supply blood to the heart. heart.

Therefore, when the women have a heart attackdescribe chest pain as pressure or tightness rather than stabbing pain.

Popular campaigns helped raise awareness of the impact of cardiovascular disease in women and positive changes gained momentum.

Despite this, according to roxana, there has been stagnation in the overall reduction of cardiovascular disease in women over the past decade. Heart diseases in women remain understudied, underrecognized, underdiagnosed and undertreated, especially myocardial infarction.

Most of the clinical trials carried out for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases were carried out with little representation of women.

Therefore, it is necessary encourage research done for and by womento increase their participation in clinical studies in order to obtain better diagnoses and adequate treatments to tackle heart disease in women more efficiently.

“We continue to see underrepresentation in cardiovascular clinical trials, and this is a very important point. cardiovascular mortality is increasing in women and when we analyze these patients, there is a lot of poverty and little education, for example”, said Roxana.


Roxana also emphasizes that it is necessary to begin to recognize all the female heart attack risk factors.

“We need to raise awareness about the lack of cardiovascular health for indigenous and Afro-descendant women. We have to give them access to health care, education and great attention to those with Chagas disease and coronary artery disease”, reiterated Roxana.

According to the researcher, the medical community is still not paying due attention to women-specific cardiovascular diseasewhich have very evident risk factors.

In the youngest, they may be associated with polycystic ovaryearly menopause, hypertension in pregnancy, gestational diabetes and preterm birth.

There are also unrecognized or underrecognized risk factors, such as domestic violence and in the poorest, illiteracy and poor access to health.

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